QCAD - Lancashire & Yorkshire Locomotives

Discussion in 'CAD Corner' started by Lancastrian, 2 November 2019.

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    I guess no one, however it still would have been handy on the D16 with S7.

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    Not a problem John. I am designing for S7, mainly for myself, but I will have to take into account brake hanger positions for a couple of classes for FS, if anyone would be interested that is. At least I'm not going to be doing the Brighton Atlantic, as that is little finger gap between the flanges !!

    Baltic Tank should be ok.


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    Started work on yet another prototype !


    This is only a rough draft so as to set out the axle centres as I have no actual drawings to work from yet. Hughes 0-8-2T banking engine.

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    If you're suffering from 'lockdown' blues - perhaps if you could have a look at the Aspinall 0-6-0 saddletank (rebuild of the B-W 0-6-0's) - trying to work up some enthusiasm for one in G3. :thumbs:

    Take care.
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    Hi Barry,

    Hope the two of you are doing well. Lockdown Blues ? Hmmm, there might be a song there. I already have a couple of the 0-6-0ST's as MM1 models produce them (ex-JLTRT, ex-MM, ex-Chowbent, in that order I believe). They have very nice crisp resin cast boiler/tanks ;). I can see one having cast rivets filed off though as the kit only provides for those locos rebuilt with 4 panel tanks.

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    Yes, Ian. Both of us are a ducking and a weaving.

    I've lost count of the ones I've built in 7mm - in fact, somewhere, in a box....., in a cupboard...., in a Galaxy far, far away...… I 've still got a couple (ex Chowbent) that aren't too far off the painting stage. Will have to dig them out & give them a coat of looking at.

    As commented, I'm looking to twist John Taylor's (Midnight Miller) arm to get the flat works machined out, Slaters have done the wheels (that's the hard one out the way) - then 'we' get the saddletank & lumpy bits 3D printed - Bob's yer Firkin Mrs Perkin...…!!! Easy, when you type it fast.
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    Hey Barry,

    Well the frames should be easy, as they're the same as the Class 25. Unfortunately, I don't currently have any drawings for them, or the Class 23 ST.

    In the meantime:

    Further work on the Class 31 frames.

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    Whilst recovering from putting my back out, and a distinct lack of modelling going on for the last 10 days, I've just managed to be able to sit with my laptop, so have carried out some more work on the Baltic tank frames.


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    Some further work today on frame stretchers/motion brackets.



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    Saturday. More work on the frames for the LYR 0-8-0 locomotives. Although this is specific to the "Class 31" 0-8-0's, looking at other drawings, most is pertinent to the "Class 30" 0-8-0's too, so almost killing two birds with one stone. The 0-8-0 Compound will be slightly different.


  11. Lancastrian

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    Rainy Thursday afternoon spent working on the 0-8-0 again.


    Two types of crank, the balanced type as fitted to locomotives from Lot 66 onwards (as far as I can ascertain) and possibly others, and an oblique crank axle to which there is no current confirmed evidence of it being used at all on any of the post 1913 builds, for which the original drawing is dated.


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    That take-off on the connecting rod for the Joy valve gear is very near to the little end? The LNWR versions were much closer to the centre of the rods. The Anchor Link must be very short - is the hole for the front end of it on your drawing yet?

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    Hi Ian,

    I was interested to see the alternative crank axle arrangement in your Class 31 0-8-0 QCAD work. Don't know whether this design saw much use in Britain, but was used once in New Zealand for a ponderous 4-8-2 subsequently limited to 30mph.

    The cross section of the angled lump between the two cranks was square in shape.

    This 15 second animation shows its unusual gait:

    Brian McK.
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    Good spot. I've just noticed an error on my part with the connecting rod overall length. I also noticed an incorrect dimension for the balanced crank too, so all now correct.


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  15. Lancastrian

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    The LYR oblique crank is also square in section between where the two connecting rods would be.

    Interesting to learn the X class was the worlds first 4-8-2 tender design.

  16. Lancastrian

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    A few more hours work, after taking a break from fighting with the front end of a motor train fitted SR H class, which is being repaired.


    There does seem to be a discrepancy in the drawing for the large cab locomotives, as above, as the vertical handrail on the cab side is given as being 3.5 inches in from the end of the cab side sheet, but this doesn't line up with it's position on the drawing relative to the frames and the windows. Something to hopefully investigate if we ever get back to being able to book Search Engine at the NRM.

  17. Lancastrian

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    Time for some work on the Aspinall Class 5 2-4-2T.


  18. Lancastrian

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    You guys will be getting fed up of LYR 0-8-0's at some point, but then that is due to Aspinall's standardisation policy, continued by Hughes. So I present the first draft, with some "guessed" dimension to get it this stage (cab mainly) the Class 30 Compound. This is for the production series of 10 locomotives.


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    I hear from the NRM that they are currently planning on Search Engine re-opening in November, of course dependent on CV-19.
    In the meantime, I've moved from locomotives onto something a little larger.


    LMS 120t BTW.

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    Work on the BTW continues with the bogies.


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