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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Neil, 30 November 2017.

  1. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    I love old industrial advertising material, it's a very effective way of gaining an insight into the past. Recently some railway related material has made its way into my collection and I thought it too good to keep to myself so here are a few adverts from 1952. Enjoy.

    ad 1.jpg

    ad 2.jpg

    ad 3.jpg

    ad 4.jpg

    ad 5.jpg
  2. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Consumer advertising is fun too, this from 1961 - it'll never catch on:

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  3. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    While I can see there being some interest in this...

  4. Len Cattley

    Len Cattley Western Thunderer

    All those railway company's gone :(

  5. simond

    simond Western Thunderer

    Not many BSA’s being made anymore either.

    And I bet she’s retired & a granny too...
  6. eastsidepilot

    eastsidepilot Western Thunderer

    I've got one of those.........I had a BSA as well :D
  7. eastsidepilot

    eastsidepilot Western Thunderer

    Yep, so's mine :D
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  8. eastsidepilot

    eastsidepilot Western Thunderer

    On a serious note I had an export model Lightning, unfortunately I don't have a photo but it was exactly like this shot pinched from the internet. [​IMG]