Railway Mania Podcast Ep.16 - The Exhibitionists (with World of Railways)

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    Hello Western Thunderers, I do hope it is alright to post this here, I've been lurking for some time. I hope that this podcast will provide you with some entertainment!

    Railway Mania Thumbnail SMALL 2a.jpg

    It thrills me to announce the launch of RAILWAY MANIA, a Podcast aimed at fans of Railways of all kinds. My aim is to provide enthusiasts with something entertaining and maybe even educational. Hopefully it's something you can pop on in the background whilst you are modelling, for example.

    The focus is mainly going to be on the UK scene but will encompass the world when the subject demands it.

    Railway Mania will cover everything from Model Railways to the Prototype, Mountain to Underground Railways and everything in between.

    Episode 1 is around the 12 minute mark to give a light introduction, future episodes will likely grow in length. The main thing is that one should be able to pick it up and put it down at any time.

    Click here to go to the first episode on AudioBoom, where there is also the option to subscribe on Apple Podcasts so that it appears on your phone.


    Episode 1 focuses on the real ‘Railway Mania’, the craze in 1840s Britain to build as many railways as possible, and the consequences when that bubble burst…

    If you would prefer a YouTube link to subscribe to or watch on a one-off, here's the Railway Mania channel

    Most of all, I hope it is enjoyable.

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    'evenin all

    In between podcast releases I'd like to fill up the gaps with more videos.This one's actually a re-release but I hope if you haven't seen it before, you enjoy it! It's from back in 2014 at The Great Goodbye in Shildon.

    I mixed a bit of classical music in with Joe Duddington's retelling of the steam speed record attempt.

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    Episode 4 is out now!

    WAR. Conflict is at the heart of this episode, which focuses on the US Army Transportation Corps and the War Department's railways during the build up to the invasion of Normandy in 1944, and the challenge of how to land hundreds of trains in hostile territory, ready to roll.

    Click HERE to listen to Episode 4 on Audioboom

    Click HERE to watch Episode 4 on YouTube

    For the first time I have added imagery to the YouTube version as a visual aid for those who prefer watching on that channel.

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    As a little additional bit of content, I managed to film some of the final steam specials on the District Line last Saturday, enjoy!

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    Nice pictures - a shame I didn't know it was on as I'd have liked to ride the train, although judging from recent previous steam on the Underground I'd have considered it a rip off and not gone! Where did the coaching stock com from? Bluebell and Keighley?

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    It was a delightful thing to see, I think the tickets were rather pricey but then again, if it's the last time, might be worth it!
    The train was comprised of the following locomotives and carriages:
    Met No.1 steam locomotive, owned by Quainton Railway Society
    Bluebell Chesham Coaches
    District Railway Coach No.100 from the Kent and East Sussex Railway
    London Transport Museum’s Met Jubilee Coach 353
    Sarah Siddons Bo-Bo electric locomotive
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    Episode 5

    Edward Thompson, Hero or Villain?

    Every story from history has its 'goodies' and 'baddies', but how much of our perception of these events is influenced by the storytellers? Today I'm joined by Simon A.C. Martin, who is working on a book about the engineer Edward Thompson, who took over from Sir Nigel Gresley as Chief Mechanical Engineer on the London and North Eastern Railway at the height of World War Two. Thompson has often been criticised for his designs and decisions, but how much of this is justified? Simon is looking to set the record straight using contemporary reference material.


    Click HERE for Audioboom link

    Click HERE for YouTube (has the added extra of images to show what we're talking about)
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    You can always come and see Met1 at the Epping Ongar..

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    It's a gorgeous loco, was great when it was working on the AVR a few years ago.
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    Episode 6
    100mph Tornado (with Huw Parker)

    In 2017, 60163 Tornado made history by being the first steam locomotive to officially hit 100mph in the UK since 1967. Huw Parker of the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust tells how this came about, what it was like on the night, and what's been going on since the speed run.


    Click HERE for AudioBoom audio-only version

    Click HERE to watch on YouTube
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    Episode 7

    Best Job in the World? (with Will Stratford)

    Steam railways are often run by armies of volunteers, but some people can be paid for it! Today we're talking to Will Stratford, who has been working on the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways (often branded as 'best railway in the world') on his day-to-day experiences.

    Click HERE to watch the enhanced version on YouTube:

    Alternatively click HERE to listen to the audio-only version on AudioBoom
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    That's right everyone, it's time for another episode of RAILWAY MANIA.

    Episode 8

    Making a Scene (with Gordon Gravett)


    Episode 8's special guest is expert modeller Gordon Gravett, who joins us in this episode of Railway Mania as we discuss scenery on model railways, how to construct a scene, good methods and tips, what to do when a project goes wrong, among many other topics...


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    Enjoyed the Gordon episode, thanks.
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    Really nice discussion on his various layouts and some great video footage. However it would be really nice to see a mix of layout footage and of Gordon and yourself in discussion. Sometimes the human element just adds a bit more to the video.
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    Pencarrow, Adrian, thank you so much for your kind comments.

    Adrian - I do understand the want for a human element. The challenge for me is that what you hear in the final output is a heavily edited version of what was recorded. Everyone has 'thinking words' like 'ummm', 'so', 'basically', sometimes people mispronounce words and go back and say them again, and the conversation itself has often had the order changed to group topics together. I fear that having video that matched the audio would end up being very choppy, or it would mean that the audio is not as good.
    I also find that people behave differently when a camera is on them, a lot more self-conscious, having a relaxed guest is really important so I am wary about putting them on the spot too much.
    That said, I do agree with you that having some footage of the interviewer and interviewee would certainly humanise the video, so perhaps there is some middle ground?
    Thanks again for the suggestion, it is my aim to improve things constantly and it's only by feedback such as yours that I can do so.

    All the best

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    RMPod-Ep9-SMALLSQUAREHeader 1b.jpg

    Season 2 of Channel 5's Great Model Railway Challenge has drawn to a close. The show has been divisive amongst enthusiasts, with some lauding the appeal to the general public while others criticise the format, but what is it like to be part of such a programme and what do the contestants think of it? I sat down with Callum Willcox and Adam Ashford of The Railway Video Division, runners-up in Season 1, to find out.​

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    Garratts were one of the most successful articulated locomotive types worldwide. In this episode, we briefly cover the history of Herbert W. Garratt's brainchild, followed by a chat with Huw Jones of the Welsh Highland Railway, who works full time keeping the NGG16s in traffic. Huw tells us about the idiosyncrasies of the Garratt design, and what makes them different to a regular loco.

    Audioboom version is HERE
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    Audioboom version is HERE

    In Episode 11 we sit down with Chris Eden-Green, creator and presenter of long-running series Steam Locos In Profile, and chat about how Chris came up with the show, the production process, views on preservation and volunteering, as well as producing online railway video in general.

    Many thanks to Chris for being on RAILWAY MANIA!

    Please note: this podcast is audio-only. Visit Chris’s YouTube Channel to see Steam Locos in Profile and many more videos.
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