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    For anyone interested in Railway TV programmes ARD1/Südwestrundfunk broadcasted and still broadcast 1/2 hour programmes on railways (and model railways) around the world (mostly European). The programme was originally presented by Hagen von Ortloff.

    Narrative is in German, naturally, but nevertheless they remain interesting programmes.

    You can either access through:

    ARD1 https://www.ardmediathek.de/suche/eisenbahn romantik/

    When you reach the search page just type eisenbahn romantik. Scroll down the page as there are currently 976 videos to choose from.


    Or Südwestrundfunk Suche

    Screenshot 2021-08-31 at 17-55-59 Suche.png

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    Back in the early days of sat TV you could move your dish a few degrees east and pick up the Euro satellite and watch all these first hand as well as many other European channels. I dimly recall having to fit a different LNB or something to access the signals but it did both UK and Euro.
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    i know what channels you were after
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    German Touring car races :D
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    Ya , voom voom .