7mm Ressaldar's kit building swansong - Class 22

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  1. Ian G

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    Watching how you do the route indicators as I have a 22 to finish

    Ian G
  2. Ressaldar

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    While I am still contemplating the actual build/painting sequence etc. I thought now might be a good time to clean up the main parts - cabs, sides, chassis, roof, bulkheads and desk console, mainly as an aid to seeing what was ahead - glad I did!

    I first tried the console desk fit into the cab end and discovered that the desk casting end that fitted behind the cab front was squared off but the inside of the cab is profiled in the corners an easy remedy with a few deft strokes of the file sorted that out, both ends needed fixing. I then pushed the ferrules into their respective holes and then screwed the sides on then the bulkheads, this showed up the overwidth casting of the bulkhead -


    this is end A showing what needs to come off. I hope that the roof will improve!!


    B end much nearer where it should be, but still a good deal of filing to do and the roof is almost correct.

    I had cleaned up the rebates and tongues as well as the flash on the sides, roof and chassis, it remains to be seen how the buffer beam fits and whether anything needs to be done to the front upstands,

    More to come soon.


  3. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    Set to with the files after lunch and slowly does it. Could not resist a witness coat of Acid 8 primer once the sides and bulkheads were screwed in place



    and the roof and cabs 'loose fitted'



    nearly there with the bulkheads, a little more off of the roof curve and one side of End A should do it. The roof fit is quite good already it is not being held down by anything in the pictures and once the curve is sorted at A, it should fit nicely. Similarly, the cabs are quite good and just need a waft of the files here and there too be a nice fit.


  4. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    Well, as expected, I went for the boxing in route rather than painting the bulkheads first. So with the sides and bulkheads screwed to the chassis and using some rubber bands and a few pieces of LEGO from the grandchildren's box to give further tension and support, I arrived at this point,


    checked for fit and squareness and tack glued the bulkheads to the sides, put it to one side for the lunch break and afterwards, ran a bead of thin cyano down each of the bulkhead joints and again left it for a while. I was pleasantly surprised that when I took the elastic bands off and offered the roof on for the first time, it just clicked into place and after a few rasps with the file, it sat down perfectly, so that too was tacked on and then the longitudinal joints were reinforced with a fillet of thin cyano.

    While waiting for the cyano to set, I sorted out the Vallejo acrylics that were to be used for painting the cab interiors

    and I have now done the bulkheads apart from the white square in the top left hand corner


    and the desk units (driver still being sorted) and given a first coat to the inside of the front of the cab.

    From here on in I must stick to some form of sequencing as the lights and headcode boxes have to be sorted, installed and tested before the desk panel is fixed, let alone thinking about the glazing! There is a more than even chance that the exterior of the cab will be finished and painted BEFORE the glazing goes in, if only to have a slightly better stab at doing the window surrounds!

    The intention is to end up with something like this

    Southall North British

    so some fairly simple masking should get the cab sorted and then the rest of the body can be painted before the cabs are fitted, hopefully with only minimal making good when the cabs are fixed to the body. I'm ever the optimist.

    The Naproxen tablets have thankfully kicked in so my right shoulder is now as normal as it will ever be from here on in, which means that I now have longer to think about the next move as modelling is now definitely working in second gear at best.


  5. Pencarrow

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    Really starting to look the biz Mike. Been tempted to get one of these kits for a while.
  6. 22045

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    Very interesting watching this build.
  7. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    Not a very productive day today. It started well with the fettling of the cabs to achieve the best fit


    and I am more than happy with the outcome. Here the cabs are just a push fit and the only trimming that is needed is under the left hand cab where the angled piece below the left hand side of the door needs filing back, it also applies to the 2nd man's side, the right hand end is fine.

    I then started to prepare and fit the nose grab rails and lamp brackets, these are the first of the 3d fittings to be fitted other than the three control handles on the driver's desk. Holes had to be drilled out (as expected) and as the spigots protruded slightly on the inside, thick cyano was applied there to ensure that none crept out on the nose face.


    having completed both ends and left things for lunch, the first thing that hit me when i returned to the workbench was 'how overscale the grabs rails were' so I made a hasty retreat to my den to think about the next move and have decided, after some strong coffee and a generous slioce of cherry genoa cake, that I will remove the grab rails and replace them with 0.7mm wire, the lamp brackets I will leave as I think that when weathered, they will be ok.

    The holes below the route indicators are readiness for the running lights and therein could lie another problem...ette.

    This then got me thinking ahead to the brake piping etc and have decided to forego the 3D efforts and
    use some single core telephone wire in the same manner that I used when detailing the Heljan 37 back in the dark days of 2008!

    Tomorrow is another day and a longer time in modelling than politics!!


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  9. 22045

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    Totally agree about the grab rails. Far too thick!

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  10. Jordan

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    Agreed - stood out to me as soon as I saw the photos!!

    I like the 37 sideframe details. :thumbs:
  11. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    Hi Ian and Jordan,

    thanks for agreeing about the handrails, should not have gone as far as I did as it was really obvious that they were wrong.

    I enjoyed the 37 'conversion' it was my first real attempt at detailing RTR as an alternative to kit building.

    Any road up, after a morning's shopping in Heswall, I was ready to tackle the 'refit' and managed to successfully cut off the offending rails without damaging the cab front. I also took the opportunity to file off the 'eye brows' over the centre of the cab windows as they had ben removed on the prototype at one of the services at Swindon ( I assume). The benefit of a resin type body and 3D printing is that once the offending bits are removed, the fixing holes are already plugged!



    so it was just a case of drilling 0.7mm holes, bending up the nickel silver wire and pushing the rails into position. There is a plate immediately below the vertical rail which I have represented with some nickel silver strip - MM1 had this wrong in as much as they had the bottom of the rail going on to the plate whereas , on 6326 anyway, the rail stopped short of the plate.

    I have ordered some 2mm dia. 'lighthouse' type LEDs for the running lights, MM1 had these as solid castings as part of the cab front and will trye some way of representing the bezel when I get them and see what is what. Then it will be the route indicator boxes and the fun that that is likely to be!


  12. oldravendale

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    Hi Mike.

    I'm late to the party again! I've had a thought that these photos might be of value to you, but then again, I suspect they are rather too early. Nevertheless here they are. I suspect that I may have shown these on WT previously but probably a goodly number of years ago. All are my own copyright.

    First is D6310 in Swindon Works. 23rd May 1965.

    D6310.  Swindon Works.  23 May 1965.  Personal Collection.  Photo Brian Dale.  FINAL.jpg

    Next is D6317, also in Swindon Works on the same date.

    D6317.  Swindon Works.  23 May 1965.  Personal Collection.  Photo Brian Dale.  FINAL.jpg

    Then there's D6324, brand new, again at Swindon Works but in May 1959.

    D6324.  Swindon Works.  May 1959.  Personal Collection.  Photo Brian Dale.  FINAL - Copy.jpg

    And D6325 taken at the same time, same place.

    D6325.  Swindon Works.  May 1959.  Personal Collection.  Photo Brian Dale.  FINAL - Copy.jpg

    Finally, and a pretty poor photo it has to be said, D6355 at Old Oak Common Shed Yard, I think outside The Factory, on 15th November 1964.

    D6355.  Old Oak Common Shed Yard.  15 Nov 1964.  Photo by Brian Dale.  FINAL - Copy.jpg

  13. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    Hi Brian,

    many thanks for posting the photos, you can never have too many. What I am really in need of is a decent shot of the bogies, in as much as the pipe runs were different on each ‘face’ and I will have to rely on the diagram in with the kit instructions - and we all know how good they can be!


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  14. Brian Daniels

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    This is what they used to be like in brass.
  15. daifly

    daifly Western Thunderer

    Although I’ve got quite a number of NB type 2 photos, good broadside shots are rare. Here’s one which may help. Provenance unknown.
    Dave D6330 at Swindon works 1960.jpg
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  16. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    Hi Brian,

    many thanks for the photo of the front end, a great help in the scheme of things. The vertical handrail is not right for 6326 as I am doing, the front ends of these locos are minefields to say the least.


  17. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    Hi Dave,

    again, many thanks for the photo, one of the clearest underframe shots that I have seen.

    Here is the front end that I am (trying) to work to


    clearly showing my comment to Brian above.

    Stay safe and well


  18. LarryG

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    D6330, the epitome of chop-nose ugliness. Spoked wheels too! Agh.

    For some reason which I cannot fathom, the model is looking really good.
  19. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    It is obviously my cack hand approach that appeals to you. I'll try to maintain the standard.


  20. Vulcan47

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    Hi Mike,

    Agree with LarryG that your Class 22’s looking really good!

    It’s a pity that MM1 don’t still supply the lost-wax castings with the kit rather than the 3D printed alternatives, but allegedly that’s why the price of the kit has recently been reduced. Lost-wax castings I would allege being expensive with long lead times.

    Still good to see you’re being innovative, which is all part and parcel of kit building.

    There’s a good reference of 6326 on page 55 in the book ‘Heyday of the Hydraulics’ by Hugh Dady, Ian Allen Publishing, taken by the author himself showing some nice side bogie detail. The book’s currently out of print, but copies are available secondhand.

    Best regards,

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