7mm Ressaldar's kit building swansong - Class 22

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  1. Ressaldar

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    Hi guys,

    thanks for the commiserations especially as the problem is self induced. I will get the T-cut out this morning and try rubbing down the small area at the bottom of the cab side at the 'B' end as Larry suggests and if successful, will do the rest. Fortunately, I do have a complete spare set of the cab side transfers (thanks to John Peck's forethought) so all is not yet lost.


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  2. Ressaldar

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    I think that the disaster has been corrected. As stated above, I dusted the T-cut down from the shelf and carefully attacked each cab side until I could see gloss blue after wiping off the excess T-cut. I then had an idea that if I cut the transfer out to the cab side dimensions then that would also give me a 'gloss surface' which should match the rest of the loco. Fortune was on my side as there was sufficient transfer area including the carrier film to just fit the dimensions so I went for broke, applied the transfers and gave them a careful dab drying with some kitchen towel and walked away from the model to let it dry.

    Here is the result on the Club layout this afternoon, taken with the phone camera,


    looking more the part and ready for some weathering tomorrow.

    The only thing that bugs me now is the superglue 'bloom' on the drivers doors on both sides which occurred following the attachment of the cabs onto the body, there is no access to the cab interior now so no chance of clearing the windows. All of the windows were installed using 'Glue 'n Glaze' to ensure no blooming but the was no alternative to using superglue to attach the cab to the body - somehow, there is no sign of the bloom on the second man's door window! Hey Ho.




  3. Muddysblues

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    Hello @Ressaldar Mike, it’s all looking very nice, well rescued, to be fair on the cab window, how many of them where actually clean and see through in real life ? So I’d go with it being prototypical :thumbs:

    best regards
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  4. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    Well, the finishing post has been passed as far as I am concerned, on this model at least.

    The errant cab sides have been rescued as Craig says in the previous post and the weathering done, so here we are



    now to tackle the concrete slabs on the layout around the fuelling point and the parking area off of the turntable whilst waiting for the Minerva Class 14s to arrive (once the correctly coloured cabs have been received and fitted at Minerva)

    The name plates for the Regional Railways Class 31 - 31 421 Wigan Pier should be with me shortly from Railtec so they will be fitted and the model re-advertised and hopefully sell, especially as the new Heljan Class 47s are imminent.

    Further photos are posted in the Gallery section.

    Thanks for all of your likes and comments, they have been a great help in the building of this kit which whilst it is fairly straight forward, there are quite a few twists and turns along the way that needed your inputs to see me past the post.


  5. Pencarrow

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    Interesting to compare the relative conditions of the new blue and older green in this video.

    I hadn't really appreciated previously just how see through the main side grills were on a D63xx / Class 22 previously.
  6. Andrew Thompson

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    Heres one i did earlier.

  7. Andrew Thompson

    Andrew Thompson Western Thunderer

    This was a Steve Beattie kit with additional JLTRT parts mainly the bogie side frames and lost wax castings .
  8. Muddysblues

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    Fare play Andrew, that looks pretty good considering it origins, did the build drive you insane ? Or in a sadistic way did you enjoy it ?

    Best regards
  9. Andrew Thompson

    Andrew Thompson Western Thunderer

    Hi Craig

    Yes and no , several years in the making tells its own story. Without the JLTRT parts would still be sat in the works.


    (Theres an old thread on her somewhere describing the trials and tribulations. )
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  10. Jordan

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    If we're doing Blasts from the Past then here's my attempt at a Steve Beattie kit, some years ago now, and sold on about the time JLTRT released their kit.
    Class 22 finished 004.jpg
    Finished in GSYP as D6320, unofficially named "Lister". Back in the Glory Days of the Blue Brigade on WT, the prototypical blue TOPS data panel apparently qualified this loco as a BR Blue engine :)
    I got the windscreens in particular rather wrong & was never really happy with the 'face' of the loco, so sold it when I got chance. There was a thread on here, but all the photos went in the notorious PhotoBucket fiasco, again a few years ago now.
    Still live in hope an R-T-R model may one day appear..... :oops:
  11. daifly

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    I have them all if you need them.
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  12. Jordan

    Jordan Mid-Western Thunderer

    I've got them backed up somewhere, just never got round to re-posting them on the thread.
    If anyone else wants some dodgy photos of equally dodgy Comedy Soldering, feel free to ask. :oops:
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  13. paulc

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    Always up for a laugh Jordan .
    Cheers Paul
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  14. rosspeacock

    rosspeacock Modelling on a £1200 table.

    Always good to see any pics. I enjoyed that build too. And as I remember it turned out pretty well.

  15. daifly

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    If Jordan has no objections, I could post a downloadable copy (c2.5mb in .pdf form) of the entire thread with pictures but with SBB removed. If you're new-ish around here and don't know what SBB is, the S is for spam......
  16. Jordan

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    Awww.... :( the SBB was the best bit!! :rolleyes: leave it in!! :) but no I don't have any objections. :thumbs:
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  17. daifly

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    Here it is then. Help yourselves everyone. The F-UnitMad pdf is from RMWeb, the Jordans pdf is from WT

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