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    That's excellent news Graham.

    I'm sure you can have running powers, but 1G tenders were generally on western region locos, I doubt they ever went anywhere close to Scotland.

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    Undoubtedly correct in respect of Scotland. Seeing as one has to make a choice of tender type when ordering an engine, we have gone for the 1G on the basis that I did see 9Fs working on the Western Region in the last few years of western steam.

    What motor / bearbox combination are you intending to use?

    regards, Graham
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    The wheels use 5mm axles and only ABC do a gearbox to fit them, I have the 6 watt Maxon motor attached to mine.

    The tender wheels use 4mm axles and all the correct bearings etc are supplied.

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    Not quite. The SDMP gearboxes will fit but the sealed bearings need to be changed. I know because 92002 is powered that way. (40L two stage gearbox before Graham asks!)

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    The wheels have stainless tyres and brass centres.
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    Another very busy week at work so not a lot of progress on the tenders.

    I have though now finished the springs for all four tenders


    and I have made up all the drag beams and buffer beams and added those. I concluded that these are much easier to laminate before you add them tothe frames so you need to shorten the tabs to be no more than 0.4mm thick, the short tabs do still help in fitting the beams



    It is much easier to do this and clean them up before soldering to the frames.

    Having completed the frames for all 4 tenders I decided that finishing the F tender was the next thing to do as this is the odd one out.
    The detail at the rear on the buffer beam and the tank bulkhead is different to the rest.

    These are the bits for the tank bulkhead supports


    You can safely solder these together held in your fingers with burning yourself


    A tiny dab of solder on the back is all you need


    Here they are in place with the tanker breather castings next to them.

    Next it is the tank detail above the buffer beam, there are 6 strengthening plates to add in 4 groups.


    Here are all the pieces you need, again you can just about solder these together without burning your fingers as they are nickel silver.


    Here's the larger of the 2 styles, the rivet detail overlay is noticeably larger than the base and needs filing back to size. The other thing is that these fit against the tank side but the bottom rivet is in the way and needs to be filed off before you solder them in place.


    You can see where I have removed the 2 offending rivets in the above photo.


    Here's the single plate type all nicely made up but as I was filing it to size I dropped it on the floor and now I can't find it !

    Things like this normally turn up in a day or 2 so I'm hoping it does before I have to scratch up a replacement.
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    Probably on the sole of your boot ! :D

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    I started using a hoover with a cloth over the nozzle, for those ping moments
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    If you really want to find it walk around in bare feet. ;)
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    I find that the surefire way to find "lost" bits is to make another one.........:oops:

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  12. richard carr

    richard carr Western Thunderer

    I still haven't found the lost part but I have managed to do it bit more over the weekend.


    The first thing I managed were the front steps, I did struggle to find the mid steps, these are part number 8 and I had to look at the etches several times before I found them.
    The steps have an overlay fitted which is slightly over size so needs tobe filed back to match once it has been soldered in place.
    The rear steps are very similar

    20210207_125755.jpg 20210207_130121_HDR.jpg

    You can clearly see in the above picture that the overlay is about 0.25mm too large.


    This is the lower support for the rear steps, it points down and can be easily soldered in place without burning your fingers.

    Putting all this together the 1F tender is starting to look the part.




    The one question I have though is about the edge beading. I can't find any photos of a 1F tender that show beading, there is no mention of it in the instructions and the photo of the real thing in the instructions doesn't have any beading, so does anybody know any better ?

    The 1B/C tenders don't have beading in the kits and again I can't find any photographic evidence of it either, but my Lee Marsh 9f with a 1B tender does have it and so does the one with a 1F tender. So what should they have ?
  13. Mudhen

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    I've just looked through The Book of the 9f 2-10-0s. Page 123 shows 92066, 1b tender and page 215 92201, 1f tender and neither appear to have beading. Some other photos show what looks like very fine beading but I wonder if it is just light on the edge casting a shadow.

    all the best
  14. Cliff Williams

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    No beading on the tenders.
  15. richard carr

    richard carr Western Thunderer

    It turns out I got carried away with doing the steps, the front ones at least !

    You need to fit the water pipe connections castings to the frame sides before you fit the front steps as they sit behind them. Fortunately the front steps came off fairly easily .
    The instructions talk about a half etched pocket to solder them into but there is no half etch pocket and one of the rivets needs to be removed so that the pipe connection can sit flush with the tender frame.


    You can see where I have had to file off a rivet


    Here on the other side you can see the rivet to remove


    And now the pipe connector in place

    Then I moved on to removing the beading from the tender side


    It is almost gone and the tender side now looks the part with very crisp edge, in fact so crisp you need to be careful not to cut yourself.
  16. mickoo

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    I think the beading may be on the inside face of the tender as well as the rear face of the aft division plate.

    The beading should be there to strengthen the edge of thin sheet metal, coal tender edges and cab edges.
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  17. richard carr

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    There might have been beading on the inside but I cannot find any evidence for beading on the outside of the tender.

  18. Len Cattley

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    I have looked at some of the pictures I have of the 1B/C tenders, and can't find any beading on them.

  19. mickoo

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    It's certainly not on the outside but it's just visible on the inside, maybe not beading but a turned edge.

    All sizes | 76058 Standard 4 2-6-0 with a BR1B tender seen at Fratton Shed Sunday morning 2.2.1964. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    I don't think a single sheet thickness would withstand day to day use and I'm not aware of other tenders without beading, certainly in the coal space....no doubt now there will be hoards of evidence to disprove that :p


    Got it, beading is on the inside, certainly on this tender.

    All sizes | Riddles BR1B tender | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Check the rear far side by the lifting lug, you can also see the rivet dimples on the outside skin on the near side rave as well securing the beading. I'd expect the 1F to be the same.

    Addendum 2

    1F tender, internal beading just visible, it may not be beading in the normal sense but could just be a doubling strip for strength.

    All sizes | 92212 07.05.2016 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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  20. adrian

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    and if I may say a pretty poor job of cleaning the "solder" around that lifting lug and the bottom row of rivets haven't been embossed in a straight line either. :))
    Screenshot 2021-02-09 at 17.19.00.png