4mm Ruabon Junction

Discussion in 'WR Action' started by LarryG, 19 June 2020.

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    don't forget he is now 'Moderating' on the Guild Forum and we all know what that has entailed in recent months:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:


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    I spoke to JINT'S yesterday, and asked him if he was the New O Gauge Crisis Centre for North Wales. :headbang:
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    :)) ................. like it Mr P, do you have a direct batline to it ? ;)
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    The disbanding of Ruabon led me to catch up with jobs that were intended but never carried out. Some of the 4mm models are going to a friends layout and so they remain appropriate for the Chester area.

    The Castle was renumbered as 5033 Broughton Castle using modelmaster plates. My usual method is to prize away and remove the combined nameplate & splasher front and snip off any excess metal that would otherwise protrude beyond the new nameplates. What is left of the old nameplate is then filed flat ready to take the replacement plates, which I attach with Evostick. The baseplate was painted green and lined it out using GWR stone, then glued back onto the loco using a touch of Loctite. The whole loco was then given light coats of clear gloss cellulose. Hornby's 'chalky-matt' finish absorbs it and goes somewhat darker in the process....
    WEB Broughton Castle 1.jpg
  5. LarryG

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    Not in Hornby's catalogue...

    Inspired by a picture, I resprayed to BR unlined green version one of Hornby's new Large Prairies and fitted Modelmaster engraved plates...
    WEB Hornby Prairie 8.jpg
    WEB Hornby Prairie 4.jpg

    The safety valve cover should probably be painted with this austerity livery, but it would be a shame....
    WEB Hornby Prairie 5.jpg WEB Hornby Prairie 6.jpg

    Another was merely renumbered to represent one on the Chester-Shrewsbury service....
    WEB Hornby Prairie 7.jpg
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    You have support for your choice from this!
    6141 at unknown loc_2.jpg
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    Nice one, Dave!

    In particular that safety valve remains in brass, so Larry has that right.

    That prototype photo from Larry looks as though it was taken at Paddington so I was somewhat surprised that my photos at Old Oak and Southall didn't include it. I have its sister, 6142. However, it ended up at Gloucester so I probably missed it. Nevertheless, after final overhaul and repainting it was not unusual to find these locos sadly unlined. The same thing happened to so many locos towards the end of steam. Even one of the Black Fives used on the final 15 guinea special had no lining. (It was clean, though.:)))

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    Two other 'Ruabon' redundancies. G2 0-8-0 No. 49313 worked around Chester...

    WEB G2 C.jpg

    A factory-weathered loco that I merely renumbered. Bought new from a Yorkshire box shifter last December, it was my first 4mm purchase for the proposed return to 4mm and having no track, it was never tested. Lock down came and the layout wasn't started until mid-year. When it came to selling up, this loco was discovered to be a non-runner. Why wasn't I surprised! A friend checked it and out and eventually completely re-wired it with no wiring between loco and tender....
    WEB G2 A.jpg WEB G2 B.jpg

    The Dukedog is a smooth runner even on DC and I may put it in a showcase. I weathered it...
    WEB Dukedog A.jpg
  9. LarryG

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    In the absence of another 4mm thread, I have posted these two new goodies here. They are intended for the new 4mm/OO version of the layout I attempted and failed to build in 7mm scale during the latter part of 2020. The OO layout that will start to take shape in a few weeks time, but in the meantime, some preparation is taking place to keep the flame burning ha ha.

    Thanks to the generosity of a good friend, a couple of locos that are surplus to his requirement's have just arrived here. Both fill a long time desire to have a tiny Hawksworth 16xx PT and a later built 43xx. The early 43xx's had an elongated middle splasher and a plate support between the boiler and slidebars, but I much prefer the later normal splasher and lower support as on later batches....
    WEB GWR 63xx 2.jpg
    WEB GWR 63xx 1.jpg WEB GWR 63xx 3.jpg

    The 16xx's have long been favorite's of mine ever since I saw them working goods trains on the GCR Wrexham-Bidston 'top-line' circa 1963...
    WEB GWR 16xx 2.jpg

    I watched with envy Captain Kernow's kit-built 16xx take shape and so was delighted to learn of Rapido's rtr model. The NEM sockets are further forward due to the chassis design, but I will be fitting Kadee's anyway, so problem solved...
    WEB GWR 16xx 1.jpg
    I can add that both locos are perfectly smooth runners with no lateral oscillation or rocking, and both run ultra slowly even on DC. The 2-6-0 is DCC fitted but I have yet to test that.
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  10. LarryG

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    Although loosely related to the 64xx/74xx Pannier tanks, I hadn't realized the 16xx's were built to a much lower loading gauge...
    WEB GWR 16xx & 64xx.jpg
  11. LarryG

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    The garden is now neat and tidy following weeks of renewing fence panels and ridding the garden of years of accumulated building materials. A start was made today on the new OO gauge layout. The O gauge baseboard was dismantled and reduced in width to 16 inches. Reduced width cross members are seen along with the front member leaning against the opposite baseboard...

    WEB Layout 1.jpg

    Framework re-assembled. A support beam will be added because the baseboard will gradually widen at the bottom end to 24 inches...
    WEB Layout 2.jpg
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  12. LarryG

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    Worktops and support strip added and cork patched up. At least I can now position some track to see how things work out.

    There is 7 feet of baseboard to play with on the wider section. This will accommodate the station and goods yard. The remaining 7 feet of narrow section will have an loco shed and carriage sidings. Llanfyllin continues to be my inspiration...
    WEB Layout 3.jpg
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    Looking good, Larry. I take it there is no super-elevation this time? I bet the shed is cold today, it certainly isn't spring down here in Hampshire.
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  14. LarryG

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    Hi Paul, The running line is perfectly straight. When I add super-elevation, it is on top of the existing cork. In 4mm, I would glue down a strip of 1/16" cork with PVA and, when thoroughly dry, set to work with an electric sander to form it until it tails off back to baseboard cork.

    Another way is to eat into the baseboard cork with the sander to form super-elevation. If there is space for a long sweeping curved coal siding at the back of the yard, it will be super-elevated.

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  15. Dave Holt

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    Did they apply super-elevation to sidings, Larry. I always thought it was a running line speed related thing.
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    Good to see progress again Larry, I'm looking forward to watching the Layout develop my friend.
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    "Here we go again folks, hold on to your hats it's going to be another great ride" .... :thumbs: good luck with this one Larry.

    Best regards as always
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    Thanks gang. Who cares for the carers? Went down with something yesterday. It's been a week of meeting people, but as I've had both jabs, it can't be kung flu' Worrever it is, and I'll be glad when its gone. :(
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    Take care Larry, hope you make a rapid recovery from whatever it is, and it doesn't get passed your Mary.

    Best regards
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    That's the problem here, you cant do a Friendly / Supportive or Care, and a LIKE for your post would not have been appropriate.
    Keep safe and well mate, and as Old Muddys said, I hope you don't pass it on to Mary.
    Keep up the great inspirational work.
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