4mm Ruabon Junction

Pip Davey

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In the absence of another 4mm thread, I have posted these two new goodies here. They are intended for the new 4mm/OO version of the layout I attempted and failed to build in 7mm scale during the latter part of 2020. The OO layout that will start to take shape in a few weeks time, but in the meantime, some preparation is taking place to keep the flame burning ha ha.

Thanks to the generosity of a good friend, a couple of locos that are surplus to his requirement's have just arrived here. Both fill a long time desire to have a tiny Hawksworth 16xx PT and a later built 43xx. The early 43xx's had an elongated middle splasher and a plate support between the boiler and slidebars, but I much prefer the later normal splasher and lower support as on later batches....
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The 16xx's have long been favorite's of mine ever since I saw them working goods trains on the GCR Wrexham-Bidston 'top-line' circa 1963...
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I watched with envy Captain Kernow's kit-built 16xx take shape and so was delighted to learn of Rapido's rtr model. The NEM sockets are further forward due to the chassis design, but I will be fitting Kadee's anyway, so problem solved...
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I can add that both locos are perfectly smooth runners with no lateral oscillation or rocking, and both run ultra slowly even on DC. The 2-6-0 is DCC fitted but I have yet to test that.

Like you I always thought that 16xx were small - I've just found out that in fact they are dimensionally near identical to 57xx, the difference being a smaller boiler than even the 64xx and 9" inch shorter wheelbase on 6"smaller wheels. I found this while eying up a cabless Bachman 8750 and a loco-less 14xx cab, it's murder clearing the tank top of the boiler hump and feed pipes.
Cheers, Pip.