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    Hi all,

    There's plenty of information elsewhere on Rumney Models releases but I thought I'd try and draw some attention to what I have got in the larger scales as it may get drowned out with all the 4mm stuff I do.

    So only just released in 7mm scale are accurate plates for United Dairies & Unigate milk tanks. There are two types of United Dairies plates with different styles of lettering and Unigate plates which include the wagon number on them.

    The United Dairies plates could be seen on wagons from the early 50s right through to the end of milk traffic in the 70s though rather less so after the 1959 merger of United Dairies, Aplin & Barrett and Cow & Gate into Unigate.
    7mm United Dairies Type A.JPG
    7mm United Dairies Type B.JPG

    The Unigate plates are suitable for post 1959 milk tanks. Plates have been etched with numbers for almost every Unigate diagram though not in great quantities. Please enquire before ordering if you are after something specific.
    7mm Unigate GWR O.56.JPG

    The 7mm plates are £3.50. The price is per pair and they come already painted.

    All three versions are also available in 4mm scale.

    I also do the distinctive United Dairies GWR/SR milk tank platforms in 7mm scale as a detaling kit. They replicate the prototype in close detail and come with two left handed versions for those milk tanks fitted with central platforms and one right handed version so you can build a milk tank with the platforms at the end (GWR O.58 & O60). The platforms (OA.07) are £12 and there is a jig to aid construction (OA.08) is £10. It is thoroughly reccomended that you get the jig but you'll only ever need one. The following is a picture of the 4mm version, the 7mm one is just as good!
    United Dairies GWR+SR Milk Tank Platform.jpg

    All of the above are in stock. For more details see the links in the above text or visit the new Rumney Models website.

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    Nice work Justin. What would be the chances of some in 13.5mm to the foot ( aka Gauge 3 ) ? I would be particularly interested in the plates.
    Quainton 2016 .
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    That plate looks familiar! I used a picture I took of that milk tank to do the first set of artwork for my etched ones.

    It's easy enough to do the artwok for Gauge 3, finding a sheet to get the plates etched on might not be so straightforward, but that could depend on how many people wanted.

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    Ooh them are nice, glad I found them, I may be after some of these for my Slaters 6 wheelers

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    A quick update from Rumney Models.

    Firstly, just released are Express Dairy milk tank plates in both 7mm and 4mm scales. These include both the company plate and the distinctive round number plate that was attached to the baulks at the tank ends. The numbers were Express Dairy’s own fleet numbers and were generally grouped according to who built the milk tank. If you want something specific then please inquire or else you will get a random number picked from the box they are in. The plates are etched on 0.1mm stainless steel and nicely complement the United Dairies/Unigate plates released last year. Details on the 7mm plates can be found here.

    ED Plate 7mm.JPG

    Prices are £3.50 a set for the 7mm version and £2.50 a set for the 4mm ones.

    Secondly Rumney Models is moving house. The new address for all postal correspondence is as follows:

    3 Warren Terrace
    NP25 4PH

    The house move will mean that I won’t be able to process any orders from now until the week commencing the 17th. Please bear this in mind. I will be able to respond to emails during this period though there may be some delay in doing so.

    Also a reminder that Rumney Models will be at Larkrail on the 15th July. I look forward to seeing some of you there.

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    Rumney Models is on the move again. This seems to be an almost biennial event but hopefully the following address will remain current for a good while. From now on please direct all mailed correspondence to:

    Rumney Models
    HR9 6AW

    Given that we are moving there may be a slight delay in mail order services, particularly around this weekend (13th-16th). This also applies to any emails. Normal service will be resumed as quickly as possible.

    I’d also like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and New Year. Rumney Models has lots of exciting plans for 2020 so watch this space, as they say.

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    Good luck with the move, Justin!

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    Hi Justin

    Good luck with the move.

    Larkrail is returning next year, I am organising it jointly with Jerry Clifford and we would both like you to attend with your stand if you would like to and can make it.

    Saturday 11th July 2020, New Oriel Hall as before.

    See you soon one way or another!

    Simon (and Jerry)
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