4mm S&DJR 2-8-0 in EM Gauge

Discussion in 'EM/S4 & S scale' started by Jon Gwinnett, 27 August 2013.

  1. Jon Gwinnett

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    I'm wondering about converting my Bachmann 7F to EM. I see both Alan Gibson & Romford/Markits do appropriate wheels - has anyone tried either approach and is there any received wisdom on the subject? I seem to recall reading in a (very) old MRJ that the lack of clearance behind the valve gear caused problems in kit-built 7F's but was hoping someone had done a succesful conversion they could share?

    Apologies for the lack of pictures!

  2. AJC

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    Hi Jon

    Not for a 7F, no, but I have converted a couple of Bachmann and Hornby locos to EM using both sorts of wheels. Does the EMGS have a sheet for this yet?

    Fundamentally, it's quite straightforward (assuming that the rod centres align with the axle centres); replace OO wheels with EM or push out the existing wheels to taste if your preferences will tolerate that - mine won't unless the flanges are skimmed down a bit and the resulting recess filled - and reuse the gears/bearings on the new axles. Bush the rods to suit the crankpin, etc. The problem of space for the front crankpin behind the crossheads isn't exactly new or confined to 2-8-0s so the things to consider are that Markits wheels are wider so eat up a bit of space there though they are self-quartering, etc. Whatever, you will need to ensure that there is no sideplay whatsoever on the front axle but this is true of all outside cylindered locos.

  3. Jon Gwinnett

    Jon Gwinnett Western Thunderer

    Cheers, I've done EM conversions before but always using the lazy (but superb) Ultrascale route - they don't do a stock set for the 7F and I haven't enquired about the cost of a bespoke set.

    Markits appeal since I successfully used Slaters' self-quartering wheels back in my O gauge days - I know there may be some compromise on appearance although the newer wheels are better in this regard I believe.

    Gibson might be cheaper, but I would worry about my ability to instal correctly. If clearance turns out to be a big issue I could perhaps use a Gibson wheelset on that one axle.

    I had wondered about trying the “pull ‘em out” method and might give that a go first – is there a maximum flange width that works I wonder. Will have a look tonight to see what the clearances look like.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply

  4. South-by-SouWest

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    I fully agree with Adam's advice.

    I thought I'd read a conversion article on the 7F, now I can't find it online so it may have been a past EMGS sheet or it may well be my imagination. However, here's some pics of one being done to P4:

    It doesn't look much different to other outside cylinder Bachmann locomotives predating the difficulties introduced with the 3F/Compound - so should be quite do-able. :)
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  5. Wagonman

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    I would be wary of mixing wheel types as there may be differences in the crank throw between Markits and Gibson wheels.

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  6. Jon Gwinnett

    Jon Gwinnett Western Thunderer

    Thanks chaps. A quick look tonight suggests there will be room to ease out the existing wheels behind the valve gear. Will report again if I make progress.