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Discussion in 'New members' started by NHY 581, 20 August 2018.

  1. NHY 581

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    Evening all.

    Just thought I would introduce myself. I model in 00 Gauge using RTR stock and locos. Main interests revolve around the former lines of the dear old S&DJR, Somerset end, and those odd corners of the L&SWR.

    I hope to post some images and a summary of my current layouts in due course.

  2. Heather Kay

    Heather Kay Western Thunderer

    Ey up, Rob. Welcome aboard. Our currency is photos, so lots of photos when you start posting about your stuff. :thumbs:
  3. ceejaydee

    ceejaydee Western Thunderer

    Welcome to WT Rob - hope ewe enjoy it here :thumbs:
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  4. Ressaldar

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    Hi Rob,

    welcome to WT, as Heather says, lots of photos do the trick every time.


  5. Pencarrow

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  6. NHY 581

    NHY 581 Western Thunderer

    Bonjour Chris and to all who have said hello.

    It's really rather nice here isn't it...........

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