Sheep blokes weathering.

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  1. NHY 581

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    Morning all..

    I thought I would, from time to time, post some images of weathering.

    I generally use just Humbrol weathering powders, sealed with Humbrol acrylic powders when done. The only paint that is used is the Humbrol Dark Earth aerosol sprayed on the underframes of some of tge wagons and the underframes of the coaching stock.

    The locos are reliant on simply the powders and varnish.

    I also yse the same colours for building, vehicles and track. I feel that this gives a uniform look to the layout.

    First up are a selection of images of a Bachmann 3F. Pretty much stock aside from crew and coal.

    I hope you like.


    20170917_211840.jpg 20180403_231036.jpg 20170707_212449.jpg 2017-02-12 09.35.21.jpg 2017-02-12 09.36.50.jpg 20180808_205257.jpg
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  2. Pencarrow

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    You'll have to do a piece on your Maunsell coach too. The finish really lifts it.
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  3. NHY 581

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    The subject is a standard Hornby Maunsell brake coach.

    The sides were masked then the bogies and underframe were sprayed with Humbrol acrylic Dark earth from a rattly can. A light dusting was also given to the lower third of the ends as well..

    The roof was sprayed with matt acrylic varnish, again rattly can.

    I then played about with Humbrol weathering powders. Black was applied to battery boxes and uderframe detail with highlighting using white.

    Roof was coloured using black applied first around ventilators, rainstrips and water pipes to provide a bit of shading. Then smoke was applied over the whole roof with a bit of highlighting with white. A light dusting of dark earth also went on.

    Pretty much the same for the ends really..

    All was then sealed with a light dusting of matt acrylic varnish. Too much, it all gets too wet and you lose the colurs that you've spent so long applying......this I know....

    The masking is removed and the sides are polished using Autoglym resin polish. A little at a time using a cotton bud.

    And that is that really.....

    Rob. 20180115_203553.jpg 20180120_182628.jpg 20180115_062411.jpg 20180427_071010.jpg
  4. jonte

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    Warm and subtle, Rob. Nice.

    Luv too the patina of cast iron. Most effective.

    I’ve often thought of mimicking the effect with a mixture of acetone (that pear drop smelling glue that plastic modellers use) mixed with say Humbrol modelling filler, but thought it might be a little too coarse for little ol’ 4mm scale. Your method seems just right.

    Thanks for sharing and best of British for your forthcoming exhibition. Looking forward to seeing a short vid of the layout if you have the time. Just a shame I’m so far away.


  5. NHY 581

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    The 'rust' is simply powders and varish, Jonte.

    Iron oxide weathering powder applied first, them toned down with smoke powder. Varnished the gently burnished with a soft brush as here.......

    Rob. 20180204_201954.jpg 2017-03-06 22.23.32.jpg
  6. jonte

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    And don’t forget to mention the talent.

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  7. NHY 581

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    Evening all.

    A few more examples. This time it's brake vans and vans....


    2017-04-01 07.51.32.jpg 20180512_222356.jpg 20180602_100824.jpg 20180528_152133.jpg 20181002_213028.jpg 20180412_045731.jpg 20180402_163619.jpg
  8. NHY 581

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    A rebuilt Maunsell brake coach. Light weathering and the paint work polished using resin car polish.

    Rob. 20181113_213440.jpg
  9. Yorkshire Dave

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    Is it? Looks like an ex-LSW carriage rebuilt by Maunsell. :)

    All this 4mm RTR Southern stuff has come out 35 years too late......:oops:. I had to make do with the old Graham Farish corridor coaches based on Maunsell 8'6'' Eastern section Thanet stock. Even to the point of converting the full third to a seven compartment composite (four 1st, three 3rd) by removing a compartment and inserting extra panels to make up the 1st compartment width.
  10. NHY 581

    NHY 581 Western Thunderer

    Tonight's subject is a Bachmann 16T mineral wagon.

    Rob 20181125_221510.jpg
  11. GrahameH

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    I've said it elsewhere Rob, your subtle weathering gets better and better and well worth the effort to enhance your stock.

  12. NHY 581

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    Thanks Grahame.

    The challenge is keeping things constant in that more recent projects blend in.

    Another view of Mutton.

    Rob. 20181125_151710.jpg
  13. NHY 581

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    20181130_102216.jpg A third mineral wagon has been added. They really are quite addictive.
  14. Pencarrow

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    Did every wagon come fitted with lights or signs?
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  15. simond

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    Nah, powders...
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  16. NHY 581

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  17. jonte

    jonte Western Thunderer

    Ingenious use of weathering powders. I can see that a lot of care and attention has gone into these projects; worthy of an article IMHO.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  18. NHY 581

    NHY 581 Western Thunderer

    Thanks Jonte.

    I might do an article, once I am happy with what I am doing.

    In the meantime, here are a couple of views of my M7.

    Rob. 20181216_201958.jpg 20181209_222709.jpg
  19. jonte

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    I’ll look forward to reading it, Rob.

    You’ve really captured the look of the M7s in later life, too.

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  20. NHY 581

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    Thanks Jonte.

    Here is a view of an ex - Midland Rly. 3F at Sheep Lane.

    Rob 20181220_220643.jpg
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