Shortlisted Cameos appearing at Railex this weekend

Discussion in 'Rules and admin notices' started by Simon, 23 May 2019.

  1. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Just a reminder to everyone that the six finalists are all appearing at "Railex" this weekend.

    Also to remind continuing builders and those entrants that were not shortlisted (you all know who you are) that you are invited to visit to show as guests of Wild Swan.

    I have deposited a list of names with David and team so just say who you are and what your entry was at the show pay desk and you will be presented with a complimentary ticket to the show.

    I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible over the weekend!


    PS "participation plaques" not yet sorted out, but they will be.
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  2. PaulR

    PaulR Western Thunderer

    Thanks Simon,

    Will be there.
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  3. Stubby47

    Stubby47 Western Thunderer

    Would loved to have come, but a bit far for a day visit. Am off to Hayle show instead :)
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  4. 76043

    76043 Western Thunderer

    Thank you Simon, I shall be attending and grateful to have a free ticket. Looking forward to seeing the shortlisted layouts.
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  5. Bullhead

    Bullhead Western Thunderer

    Thanks Simon. All the best to the finalists. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!
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  6. NHY 581

    NHY 581 Western Thunderer

    Thank you Simon. Unfortunately unable to attend but best wishes to all concerned. Work continues on Bleat Wharf which is proving to be most enjoyable.

  7. 76043

    76043 Western Thunderer

    And the winner is...

  8. geoff_nicholls

    geoff_nicholls Western Thunderer

    Which layout did win?
  9. jonte

    jonte Western Thunderer

    If I was a betting man, Geoff, I’d wager ‘Newton Heath’ as I guess the photo is taken in front of the winning entry. I’m guessing Newton Heath, of course, as this was the title of one of the short-listed entries in a previous post, and I can just make out the word ‘New’ to the left of the head of the elderly chap in the light blue checked shirt, and possibly the final letter ‘H’ to the right.


    Edit: There’s a photo of this layout on the poster for the exhibition Railex 2019 Model Railway Exhibition
    It looks as though it was still under construction when the picture was taken. Personally, I was rather fond of the 3mm scale Broad Gauge entry, of which there is a short clip of it on an exhibition video somewhere out there. Top modelling.
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  10. Dan Randall

    Dan Randall Western Thunderer

    That elderly chap, is none other than Martin Finney. To Martin's right, in the dark blue shirt, is Mike Baker, builder of the excellent layout "Melcombe Magna", based on the S&D in BR days. I'd never met Mike before, but was having a chat with him yesterday, as I've always been a fan of his layout (which I don't imagine, is exhibitable?). Fortunately though, it has been featured in the model railway press and Gauge O Guild gallery, for our enjoyment.


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  11. jonte

    jonte Western Thunderer

    I see.

    Many thanks for the info, Dan.

    Best wishes,

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  12. jonte

    jonte Western Thunderer

    If you’re reading this, Geoff, I’ve found a video of the event on YouTube in which Newton Heath features (it’s approximately from 12 minutes in).

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  13. geoff_nicholls

    geoff_nicholls Western Thunderer

    excellent, thanks Jonte, really sorry I couldn't make the show.
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