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Discussion in 'Area 51' started by simon.bolton, 2 February 2016.

  1. simon.bolton

    simon.bolton Active Member

    I'd thought I'd start off my first proper Thunder-thread with a picture of the most recent items to escape my work-bench.

    First is a P4 LSWR G6 built for a friend and beautifully painted by Warren Haywood; when I build my 7mm X6 I want it in that colour.


    And then there's my 7mm Ford B0-Bo shunter, built for the Luton O Gauge Group's forth-coming "Central Works" layout; laboriously painted and weathered by me...

    CWs Ford Diesel (1024x768).jpg

    Coming soon; an N-Gauge Midland Spinner...
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  2. Mike Sheardown

    Mike Sheardown Western Thunderer

    Hi Simon

    I think that might be Warren Haywood - seen a previous pic of your lovely G6 on Warren's own thread

    Like the Bo Bo shunter too - really nice weathering


  3. simon.bolton

    simon.bolton Active Member

    Akk, I'm really sorry Warren! Thanks Mike. (I like the other Warren's kits too)...
  4. Dikitriki

    Dikitriki Flying Squad

    I've done that:)

    I sent a very nice pic of my weathered Lord Nelson to Warren Shephard. He wrote back to say it was lovely, but why had I sent it him?:(:D

  5. simon.bolton

    simon.bolton Active Member

    Ahh, the terrors of social media and a very short short term memory!

    Cheers Richard, that made me feel a lot better.

  6. simon.bolton

    simon.bolton Active Member

    Here's another picture of the Ford, I think she made her exhibition debut at St Neots last week with the Luton O Gauge groups "Central Works" layout...
    Ford Diesel Simon Bolton (1024x709).jpg
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  7. simon.bolton

    simon.bolton Active Member

    Here's one of my occasional posts, I'll try to be a little more regular in future...
    It's my 2mm Spinner at the point of having all of it's main bits and pieces put together for a trial fit.

    2016-04-14 10.49.22 (1024x816).jpg
  8. simon.bolton

    simon.bolton Active Member

    Progress. Boiler fittings and rear axle box by NBrass, whistle and single driver springing and axle box by me, penny by Royal Mint... 2016-05-11 10.43.43 (1024x710).jpg
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  9. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    Very impressive - the fine details look just right. Just out of interest what diameter wire are those cab handrails?
  10. simon.bolton

    simon.bolton Active Member

    Cheers Adrian, the nickel wire is 0.25mm and I think I got it from Albion Alloys. Next post I'll show you the tender, when I've used the wire to do its fiddly little hand-rails. Mind you, in this scale, everything is fiddly...
  11. simon.bolton

    simon.bolton Active Member

    The promised tender...without and with its Dapol Terrier chassis and blu-tacked NBrass axle-boxes.
    2016-05-25 15.55.27 (1024x714).jpg 2016-05-25 16.04.38 (1024x655).jpg
  12. simon.bolton

    simon.bolton Active Member

    And, finally!
    P1090182 (1024x738).jpg P1090183 (1024x769).jpg

    Something in ScaleFour next!
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  13. David Varley

    David Varley Western Thunderer

    Lovely work.