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Hi Simon,

at least you have avoided paying the 'Cornwall window tax' by filling in the opening! A slight variation in brick colour will set it off a treat - especially if it is at the back where it will not be seen

kind regards



Flying Squad
Hi Simon,

at least you have avoided paying the 'Cornwall window tax' by filling in the opening! A slight variation in brick colour will set it off a treat - especially if it is at the back where it will not be seen
Reminds me of this bizarre example I pass on one of my dog walking routes. This is a recent new build house, 2 years ago this land was a golf course. I still remain puzzled as to why something built in the last 2 years would have a bricked up window.

Screenshot 2021-12-30 at 09.14.13.png


Western Thunderer
It's known as architectural detailing, my boy! Apart from the new windows, factory made bricks and probably being of no similarity to other local architecture it looks as though it's been there for 100 years.:D Of course, to be genuine it'd have to have been there for nearer 200 years.



Flying Squad
I have now made up the walkway and associated supports etc that will carry the porch and from which the steps will descend to the ground.

Because I moved the door in the base from its position on Moorewood (why did I do that?) my four carefully constructed timber braces do not support the timbers above them in a pleasingly equidistant way - grrr

I console myself that there might have been more supports under the "porch end" as I now have it and in any event once the stairs are fitted it won't notice!100_1829.jpg100_1830.jpg


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You are very kind Giles, thank you very much. Great to see your point motor working on your beautifully inset point too.

A bit more progress on the box into the New Year. Gable end roof angle boarding done and cemented to the main structure and the porch structure components all completed bar the roof. There are taped into position for the photo, I will need to do a bit of painting before fixing them in place as otherwise things get inaccessible, not least the actual door into the signal box!

Looking ahead, I do have a very nice signalman figure from Modelu to place inside the box if/when it gets completed.


I really must finish this off before getting distracted by something else, I am feeling moderately optimistic at the moment....



Flying Squad
Bit of a painting day today, an opportunity to make a mess of what was looking almost competent.

First off a blast of red oxide primer, this from a recently purchased can from a local motor factors - all went well.


My cunning plan is to get all of the window frames painted and sealed by a coat of gloss white paint, as I figure this will be a durable finish for something destined to be outside in the rain and sun, for some time at least.

So masking up.


The primer I used was a bit spattery, but I persevered and before the can ran out had more or less primed the window frames, not looking wildly good at this stage...


I bit the bullet and went back down to the shed to blast it with an automotive gloss white paint - I picked the can that didn't mention cellulose(!)


I then picked off all the masking to reveal an early Heljan kit in a stupidly big scale(!)


I'm calling that a success, the next thing I'd like to achieve is to get the glazing fitted, as this will protect the fragile glazing bars. I intend to use the Bayer Vivak that I have, subject of a thread on WT several years ago, and to try and use canopy glue.

It won't I think be easy or enjoyable, but on this basis alone think I ought to tackle it next.

Paintwise, it will be all brushwork from here on in, the Southern Region scheme with white window frames with cream and green timber work. In my world the Western didn't get their grubby mitts on the Central Cornwall route until those ghastly blue and grey days of the 1970s:p


Western Thunderer
"In my world the Western didn't get their grubby mitts on the Central Cornwall route until those ghastly blue and grey days of the 1970s"

That's my parallel universe too!


Western Thunderer
Morning Chris,

The occasional pannier I can tolerate and I would possibly stretch to a 2251 but brown and cream paint on a S&D building ?

Pah !

Outraged of Cardiff.

Indeed, in our chosen period the paintwork on our old 00 layout Treneglos should have been brown and cream. That didn't happen. Was green all the way.


Flying Squad
Sitting above my left shoulder as I type....


Oh dear, it's GWR and its RTR!!

In my defence, it is a third hand purchase, I bought it from from Cookie, who bought it from Mark Cannon in Cornwall, who gave it the roundel and plates for one of the two examples of the type shedded at St Blazey back in the day. It is one of the Bachmann Brassworks models made in the Noughties, one of their best models and a very good representation of the type I think..

It hasn't really been "seen" before as it needs new wheels and modification before it will run over my pointwork, and the running in one direction is also slightly iffy.

I intend to just very lightly weather it and keep the lovely livery. It will be running trains on the Falmouth Greenbank to Redruth line, through Devoran Junction.

I am contemplating writing a nice letter to Mark Wood to see if he will help me with the wheel work, there is an 03 in the same boat too, which will be needed for shunting up and down to the quay I think.

Anyway, enough of that, Dave is coming over with his welder for more track base welding, I'd better go!


Flying Squad
Glazing travails, first attempt last night, two "frames" with canopy glue, weighted down and left 24 hours.


It kind of worked, but one of the sheets was offset sufficiently from the corner to leave a gap between glazing and frame, so out it came. Also, on this frame one of the glazing bars was not stuck down flush with the glazing. So, earlier this evening the same frame, second attempt, with a clamp this time, and canopy glue more shaken and liberaly applied.


But the first frame is I think OK, I tried to get a reflection off it in this shot to test how well applied it is. Difficult to see in reality, even with extra glasses and magnifiers etc.


Tomorrow evening I will remove the clamp and see how it worked...


Flying Squad
Well it worked, but excess canopy glue has made its presence felt. The peeling paint is quite a useful effect, less so the marks along the edges of the window frames, it is very difficult to remove without marking the glazing. I will deploy some ipa and a cocktail stick later, got to do dinner now.


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