4mm South East Wales EM Gauge Group

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  1. paratom

    paratom Western Thunderer

    This group has been created to include the possible activities listed below :
    · Discussions/talks on modelling methods and skills
    · Talks on historical and prototypical subjects
    · Visits to member’s homes for running sessions on layouts
    · Assisting other members who may be new to EM or P4 standards and conversions
    · Running an EMGS Society stand at local exhibitions to promote the society
    · Visits to some other exhibitions or heritage railways on a car share basis
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  2. daifly

    daifly Western Thunderer

    Great idea. Lousy timing! Good luck.
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  3. john.chivers

    john.chivers New Member

    Good morning, have sorted out an account etc.
    I look forward to seeing what we’re all up to at the moment

  4. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    What he said. Good luck with it whenever you're able to enact it. Could be a while...

  5. Ynysybwl

    Ynysybwl Member

    I am in as well, now to find something of interest to post !!!!!
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  6. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    If you're anything whatsoever to do with the eponymous layout, this will not be a challenge. Croeso!

  7. GwynC

    GwynC New Member

    I am in!
    Thanks to Paratom for setting up this group

    I'm also part of the Elmore construction group, and I was the one who brought the EMGS AGM to Nantgarw last November!!
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  8. Ynysybwl

    Ynysybwl Member

    Maybe ........ but other things are on the workbench.
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  9. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    And I'd be interested to see them. I'm just happy not to be the only EM modeller regularly in the building!

  10. Threadmark: Trees

    paratom Western Thunderer

    Some trees I have made for Three Cocks Junction.

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  11. Ynysybwl

    Ynysybwl Member

    Photo of the Goods Shed on Pencader would be good
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  12. John_Miles

    John_Miles New Member

    Pencader goods shed!! You are more likely to see a unicorn. Extract that digit Tom.
  13. Ynysybwl

    Ynysybwl Member

    Welcome John, if we can have the banter between us that we already have with Sandy we will be on a winner here with pictures of some good modelling.
  14. john.chivers

    john.chivers New Member

    On my workbench at the moment.
    A BR(WR) inspection saloon, it’s an old preservance kit which was sort of started

    I had to completely take it back to kit form and start again on this one. Sadly it was put together inside out so all of the detail was on the inside. It was also assembled with electrical solder so that took some heat to clean up. Gladly it’s gone together pretty well and there weren’t too many bits missing.

    It’s just had a layer of etch primer and a Matt black on the chassis. Now to paint the GWR chocolate and cream (unusual as it was only ever a BR coach, Swindon pride I guess!)

    B3879798-6B6D-49D3-AA51-831FC2891DC2.jpeg BCB96160-49FF-4934-B1A9-0A7047957EA2.jpeg 7A129809-52F9-4730-81C2-8F2946BDD306.jpeg BC779F69-91D8-4FEF-BB48-456EDD2C4F63.jpeg

    How it arrived
    D4AEDEAC-A95D-4EE0-88EE-99BC1D395DCF.jpeg 8C586447-F83C-4E7D-BAC3-E1DD98836A98.jpeg
  15. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    Hi John,

    you could always remove the gong and do it like this


    from a 7mm Orion kit


  16. paratom

    paratom Western Thunderer

    Nice work John.
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  17. John_Miles

    John_Miles New Member

    My latest work has been track painting and ballasting - not very photogenic - but around 6 weeks ago I did get two Midland Railway 2Fs back from Warren Hayward who has done the painting and lining for me. They are Gibson kits but with Ultrascale wheels (I don't like Gibson wheels) and unusually, I have used most of the kit. I did make a new boiler for one and both the smokebox wrappers and chimneys are my own work. The locos need finishing with things like buffers, handrails, vacuum ejector etc. Photo of one attached. I did try for a photo of both but cameras and me don't get on very well. 2f-closeup.jpg
  18. paratom

    paratom Western Thunderer

    I’m sure the lockdown has been very conducive for some modellers myself included so here are some things I have been working on. Back to working on our club layout goods shed using the combined technology of 3D printing and laser cutting for the canopy. A 2mm 3d printed Vangaurd loco for Paul Gandy and 3D artwork for a 7mm water tank to be printed on my new 3D printer.

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  19. john.chivers

    john.chivers New Member

    I hope you are all well

    Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on 3 brass kit GWR brake vans.

    The left hand is an AA3 road van (frogmore kit) which will be based in the yard on our new layout, it’s RU for doing trips down our branchline

    The middle is an AA6 Pway brake (another frogmore kit)

    The right hand is an AA10 ballast plough brake (a modified Jidenco kit) this and the AA6 will top and tail the ballast hoppers to make quite an interesting train


    6984297C-B33C-4A03-9C64-9497B85127C5.jpeg DCEF0BE6-BC56-49A6-BE46-68F6CA40A0C9.jpeg
  20. Threadmark: Cambrian Railway, CAD, 3D Printing

    paratom Western Thunderer

    Just finnished the artwork for CamKits 61 Class which I will 3D print.

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