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    Hi Guys,

    As I know that there are quite a few of us on here who enjoy the track building part of the hobby, I thought I might share with you my latest aid to track and turnout building. There has been much discussion in the past of the merits of using a gauge of 31.5mm through the knuckle and vee part of turnouts, the main benefit being a much smoother transition across the vee with no wheel drop. I personally have been after a set of roller gauges set to 31.5mm for a while now and to my knowledge there were none on the market. I did not want to try and turn some up myself as my 1947 lathe has a bit to much play in the table for the precision needed. So I was over joyed to find Debs of this parish had decided to turn some up along with two other gauges I had not seen before :thumbs:. As you can see from the photos below they are turned out of brass so at least they will not go rusty like my 32mm rollers :mad: and also have been given a nice polished finish, the grooves that holds the rail head nice and firmly have a tolerance of -/+ 00.02mm.



    The bottom one is the standard roller gauge with one end slightly milled so you can still use it right up tight to an adjoining rail, the middle gauge is hopefully going to come in very handy to me in the near future being that I have plans for a roundy/roundy double track layout. Hopefully the picture is fairly self explanatory and here's another close up of what it's uses are :thumbs: The top two stainless steel plates are made to a thickness of 1.5mm which can come in handy for long check rails, etc. Also I forgot to mention that the flangeways are also set at 1.5mm on the roller gauges as well. Just the usual disclaimer to say not related in anyway (although that would be nice :rolleyes:, stop it :D !!) And I am sure they will be getting a lot of use in the near future.

    ATB, Martyn.
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    Too nice to use for making track! :)
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    As Debs is new to the Forum, I hope no-one minds if I re-post this pic here to show her my own hi-tech track gauges, so she can see the sort of standards she's up against...





    ....set to 32mm, more or less.....

    This is on a traverser I built, a wider view might be less confusing:-

    This will also help Debs understand the Forum concept of the Back of the Class, and why some of us are permanent residents there.... ;) :oops: :D
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    Oops - I've been adding a few millimetres on the track centres for increased clearance with all the curves. :(:)

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    :)):)):)):)):)) Cynric can I please have a repeat button. Jordan you kill me sometimes:)):thumbs:
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    :eek: Ooh err missus!.....I think I might need to go lie down in a darkened room; `soft-wood gauges!:p

    :p ........32mm (ish) but only when the R/H is below 4%.:D
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    Are you saying that, under the cloak of Area 51, you have been experimenting with 33mm gauge?

    That is 33mm +zero, -1mm (more or less).:thumbs:
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    Nothing comes close to Mk 1 eyeball or is that modellers licence :thumbs:;)

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    What was that I said earlier Debs, something about " funny farm " case closed if you ask me :D :D:)):thumbs:
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    Some of my track, in places, may be 33mm gauge... possibly....

    ...especially on my hand-spiked track on Schiller Point..

    I'm afraid "smooth flowing trackwork" is something of an anathema to me.... well, no wonder when this is the sort of standard I'm aiming for... (from about 0:40 onwards...)

    And it does work, too... cue gratuitous post of a You-Tube video I made, of my six-axle SD40 turning the corner round my two-foot radius (yes 2FT ) hand-made soldered points, done without any gauges and by laying track on top of a photocopy of a Lima point.
    Yes this is O Scale... watch and weep... in despair, if you model S7...:p:)

    Funny Farm..?? Yeah, well, if that little lot doesn't send you mad, you should be safe....:rolleyes:
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    :'(, no such luck...

    not enough hair :( to despair! ;)
  12. Debs.

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    I`ve now made the Specialty Gauge Products range available in both 0-MF and S7 specs.

    The beneficiary from all sales` monies will be the canine charity; Dogs Trust, so please consider ordering generously to aid the practical work of this excellent cause!:thumbs:

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    Are these gauges still available. If so from whom.

  14. simond

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    I believe not (would be delighted to be wrong)

    if anyone would like a few gauges, I’m happy to manufacture.

    I’d need to make 50 or so for it to be viable. Is there interest?

    0MF, 0F, S7, or pretty much any other standard you’d like.
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    Hi Rob,

    I'm afraid I haven’t heard from Debs or seen any posts from Debs for a couple of years now. Does anyone know how she is ?

    It looks like Simon might be willing to help you out and manufacture some gauges for you, although you might need to get a few of your like minded friends together to purchase a few to make it worthwhile for Simon.

    All the best,

  16. iak63

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    Well I'd have some, so long as some kind person can explain all these different standards to a very confused soul... :drool:
  17. 22045

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    Ditto to iak63!
  18. simond

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    Ok, it’s a start - but you guys have to tell me what (and how many) you want.

    I’m thinking 0 MF, that’s 31.5mm gauge, 1.6mm railhead, and 1.5mm flangeways.

    0 MF allows almost any commercial wheelset to run sweetly without modification, and without wheeldrop on crossings.

    I’ll pop a drawing on here in tomorrow all being well, along with a price.

    if anyone wants any other sizes, gauges, standards, please let me know, happy to discuss.

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