Trade Squires (some Good News!)

Discussion in 'Resources' started by D1054, 27 November 2011.

  1. D1054

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    Pleased to report that after speaking with Squires at Wakefield today the rumours about them closing are not accurate, and they will not only be continuing as a mail-order operation, but als0 intend to make more trade shows in the future. It is their retail business only which is closing as the focus on the mail-order and show-scene.
  2. Phill Dyson

    Phill Dyson Western Thunderer

    Great stuff :thumbs:
  3. Jordan

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    *Cynic Mode ON*

    Is there a link between the alledged "Divorce" and the subsequent increased availability to attend Shows..? There would be if it ever happened to me..!!!!:D

    *Cynic Mode OFF*
  4. Old Buffer

    Old Buffer Western Thunderer

    I also spoke to them and all the shows they list as attending will be honoured, and I am pretty certain we have secured them for the Spalding weekend next year.
  5. mth

    mth Western Thunderer

    we have them in Milton Keynes in Feb
  6. bogusman

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    Seem to have conflicting stories as I phoned Squires yesterday and the lady I was talking to told me they are still closing on the 31st and I must admit from the tone of her voice she did not sound happy!
  7. Old Buffer

    Old Buffer Western Thunderer

    When I spoke to them at Wakefield they said the retail outlet (shop) was closing, but the shows and mail order will continue, there will be a delay in the mail order side while they get it sorted.