7mm Stephen Fay’s workbench including Cardiff Canton

Discussion in 'WR Action' started by Compton castle, 25 October 2015.

  1. Compton castle

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    A few hours on Canton this evening sees the iconic footbridge taking shape, still more to do yet but I’m pleased with the progress. 96C5A58D-CF34-4D8D-A3CB-C66B697E1554.jpeg 7F2A9411-A0D8-4626-9E6A-090E7F15CEA1.jpeg 995213B0-276B-4EA5-9593-5F1BB7580048.jpeg D86DB51E-8DC1-4042-8F5E-2A392760917C.jpeg 40BD63B1-85E6-486E-81C5-73EF444DACFC.jpeg 51E4D85B-DA8A-4F3D-ACD1-4FD852FB8F6B.jpeg
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    The green shirt camera man has me slightly puzzled. He looks like a serious photographer using an eye-level camera, probably a 35mm Leica. So what's in the leather case. It ain't glass plates. Sandwich spread butties? :D
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  3. John Ross

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    Without doubt it will be his Grundig battery tape recorder to capture the sounds around the shed.

    All the best

    John Ross
  4. Compton castle

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    40E71216-2BAB-4694-B4CA-64D795DC65B4.png 34397103-F774-4263-8508-DF916888A4DE.png 69ACEDC3-3D1E-48DB-8199-80164F67EF7F.png Late night modelling this evening, I’ve forgot how much it hurts your fingers threading chairs onto rail!
    One thing is for sure though, I need more engines
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  5. Phil O

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    In 4mm I find it easier to leave the chair on the sprue, until I have threaded it onto the rail.
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  6. Compton castle

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    91318C83-D6B3-410A-A1E2-5AACDA230F5E.png B93CCED7-8427-446A-9A24-A3D156900700.png 8ECE3175-85D5-4454-BC37-AC3C825874C4.png 09D2B15B-EADE-4B8D-8D24-4C87FE63CC78.jpeg EEA50986-607C-4D01-85D0-B628EC54E2B8.jpeg I had every intention of putting Canton away today but a delivery arrived from C&L so no rest for my sore fingers and we pushed on and completed the track work. A monumental moment. Track feeds next before the fun part Filth and crap! But that’s for another day
    Me back is in Arf
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