7mm Terrier - Take Two

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    I'm going to blame Gordon Gravett for this. He did a talk recently at Pendon Museum on 'The Art of Compromise' and had Arun Quay running there with two terriers made from the old Vulcan kits. Let's face it, Arun Quay is the business - and terriers are just about my favourite locomotive!

    I modelled in O Gauge for a time until about fifteen years ago. I built four locos in all, which I was pleased with at the time except for a Roxey Mouldings terrier which never ran well despite it being a good kit. I was actually quite ill when I made it and it was hastily constructed. Soon after this I gave up railway modelling for a few years.

    The day after Gordon's talk I decided to get my old O Gauge stuff out and have a reminisce. When I looked at the terrier, it was obvious why it didn't run. I won't pretend otherwise - it was appalling - badly made, badly painted - just a complete dog's breakfast!


    I unscrewed the chassis and had a look at that - good grief!


    Although I'm committed to 4mm scale and am working on 'Old Parrock', I couldn't help thinking that the best way to lay the ghost here was to see if I could rescue this poor wretch. I'm fairly impetuous by nature and it only took about five minutes to decide to strip it down and see what could be done.

    The body was put aside and I stripped down the frames. It wasn't a pretty sight.


    However, I did believe that there was hope. Everything was carefully cleaned up. The Mashima motor with ABC gearbox was held gently in a vice and given a good run, the woeful hornblocks were discarded and new ones made - I decided to stick with a rigid chassis on this occasion. I also decided that the frames needed extra bracing. The new hornblocks were set up with coupling rods through the jig. This time all was extremely carefully measured and re-measured before committing the soldering iron.


    Once set up with the coupling rods and motor it ran smoothly for a couple of hours in both directions which was very pleasing. Today I've started working on the brake gear, as this photo illustrates.


    I'm now confident that I can finish the chassis to a good standard. The body may be more challenging and is going to need a lot of work. It's mainly whitemetal but it all looks a bit 'thick' and some of the fittings are crude so I will probably want to replace stuff.

    The unlined black livery was late 1930s, a little too late for my tastes, so I'm going to repaint it in the post 1931 lined green livery, an opportunity to practice airbrushing and bow pen lining, I've got nothing to lose. I'll keep posting...
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    The only way sometimes..

    I had to strip one of my J-tank chassis recently, was the only thing for it..

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    Good for you for revisiting your Terrier. It must take a bit of courage to dismantle your previous work!

    If it doesn't work out you could always have a go at making something along the lines of the abandoned Terrier at the Edge Hill Light Railway. That would give your airbrush a real workout!

    Looking forward to seeing how this works out.

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    Agree with what others have said - well done that man for grasping the nettle. My long term nemesis is an Agenoria* 1366. That is also having the chassis completely revisited owing to a combination of my early efforts and a design that doesn't really reflect the prototype.

    *I recently looked up Agenoria and was amused by the following definition:

    Agenoria (mythology), a minor ancient Roman goddess who promoted activity.

    If by "activity" they mean head scratching, reworking and sourcing better parts, they have it bang on.
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    I think that applies more to after Pete Stamper sold the range on, lets us hope that the new owners, Ragstone Models can pull the Phoenix out of the fire.


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    Thanks for the kind and positive responses. I feel confident about the chassis and hope to make it run well. The body will offer different challenges prompting the old adage, 'If I wanted to get to there I wouldn't start from here.' Oh well - see how it goes!
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    Totally agree Mike. I've had discussions with Ragstone about the shortcomings of the 1366. He's aware of the issues surrounding the kits created post-Pete and is initially concentrating on re-issuing the former Pete created kits. Very sensible IMO.
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    That's good there's a couple I'd like, given a fair wind and some capital.
  10. Pencarrow

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    Supplies of some kits were apparent at Telford, so might be worth contacting him.
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    Your re-working of the Terrier will work wonders :thumbs: - here's some inspiration -

    This is a Roxey Terrier I built several years ago and I think is was my 2nd or 3rd O scale locomotive kit I built. (I've used a Stroudley chimney as a Marsh chimney was and maybe still not available). And I also need to repaint the crew as blue denim is incorrect for immediate post war SR loco crews.

    Iden Road 16a.jpg
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    Thanks for posting that photo Dave. It's got all the qualities of a terrier and a great finish.

    Although I know the crews called them 'rooters', terrier is such an apt name - the sense that if they actually had a personality they would be totally unaware of how small they are!

    I'll aspire to your model and keep posting as I progress.
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    'What do you model?'

    'Well, I'm an EM Gauge modeller but I'm building a cameo layout in OO Gauge at the moment. Well, actually, right now I'm working on a terrier in O Gauge.'

    Sound familiar? Does it suggest lively creativity or a confused mind? Who knows - I'm having fun and that's the main thing.

    I'm really fired up with this little project which I now suspect is going to swallow up a few months at least. I needed a new allen key for the Slaters wheels. They're only £2.50 each. In a moment of rash absurdity I decided that it was such a small order that I might as well beef it up a bit so I added a MR box van at 26 quid - am I getting sucked in?

    This is where I've got to:

    Terrier 24-09 2.jpg

    The brake gear is removable to ease the set up. I decided to model the sand pipes properly and I'm pleased with them. It needs some filing and some filling here and there, then the electrics set up for a test run-in. After that I will take it apart and paint it, although I may start on the body first.
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    I resently bought a kit (J79) that had been started, but when it arrive the only option is to completely disassemble and rebuild.

    Looking forward to your progress, once Iget started I may share pictures...

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    Hi Simon, I think that you meant to write:-

    "once I get started I may shall share pictures..." :thumbs: :)
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    It depends how well it goes, if I make a right mess, then maybe not!!! :confused: