THE Christmas Model Railway show - Manchester 2015

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    Our next exhibition will be held in the Barnes Wallis Building, Manchester University Northern Campus (formerly UMIST) on

    Saturday 5th (10:00 to 17:30) and Sunday 6th (10:00 to 16:30) December 2015

    To mark its 90th birthday year, the Society has decided to return to the city centre and to its traditional pre-Christmas timing.

    Admission: £8 per person. Up to 2 accompanied children free, with each adult.

    Save money by buying your ticket now. Only £7 per person AND includes a free exhibition guide!

    Tickets -

    As the third oldest model railway society in the world, MMRS is proud to be the only one in the UK to stage an exhibition in the centre of a major city. The Barnes Wallis Building is between Oxford Road and Piccadilly stations, convenient for both train and tram. It is ideally placed to allow visitors from all over the country to visit one of the finest model railway exhibitions in the UK, and also to visit the acclaimed Manchester Christmas Street Markets.

    Planning is well advanced and 18 layouts have accepted invitations to appear. Several of them will be making their debut at the show and most of the others have appeared in national railway modelling magazines. The layouts represent railways from many locations and many time periods, and represent scales ranging from 1:19 down to 1:450. There will also be a wide range of trade stands.

    To be kept informed of developments as the Exhibition takes shape, join our mailing list by emailing:

    More details to follow.
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    If you wish to see more details about these layouts, please click here: Layout Details
    Otherwise the list of layouts is as follows;

    Angst Lesspork, 4mm 009,
    Calderwood, 4mm 00fs L&YR,
    TV’s “Coronation Street” Roy Croppers “Woodhead” 4mm 00,
    Coffee Table, Z scale European,
    Ffuglen, 16mm scale ng,
    Gillan & Brown, 7mm 0 scale,
    Greenbrier Junction, US H0,
    Herstmonceux, 4mm 00 BR(S),
    Hironocho, N scale Japanese,
    Hogsmead-on-Sodor, Childrens layout,
    Laramie, US 0 Scale,
    Mitcheldean, Replaced by "Shelfie", also by PMP 4mm 00,
    New Hey, 4mm EM BR(M),
    Newfields Wharf, 3mm 1920’s NSR & 1950’s BR(M),
    Stamford East, N gauge, BR(E),
    Thorncliffe, 4mm 00 BR(1988 - 1991),
    Tollesbury Quay, 7mm 0 scale, BR(E),
    Whiteacres, 4mm 00, BR(M).

    Further details to follow.
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    As an amendment, 'Mitcheldean' isn't going. 'Shelfie' see pic, my test piece which featured in right track 19 however is going in its place.
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    Thanks Paul,
    I'll just update my list here, our webmaster will have to update the website though!
    John E.
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    Four weeks to go?Worth waiting for!
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    Thanks Martin,
    We'll see you there?

    Travelling to the show, please see our website here: Venue directions -
    For comprehensive details on how to reach the venue by all the usual modes of transport.
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    Three weeks from now, everything will be in full flow setting up for this show!
    Looking forward to seeing some of you guys on here.
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    I`ll be there.......`looking forward to attending.
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    Yes John! Hope to be there, IF I can get a cheap train ticket from those nice peopIe at Arriva Trains WaIes !
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    Excellent Stuff!
    Thanks Debs and Martin! Hopefully see you there.
    Anymore, please?
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    All these traders will be present;

    All Components
    Bill Hudson Books
    Cheltenham Model Centre
    Chester Model Centre
    C&L Finescale
    DC Kits
    Direct Train Spares
    East Lancs Railway
    Eileens Emporium
    Going Loco
    Gordon Coltas Trust
    H&A Models
    Judith Edge
    Pennine Models
    Rural Railways
    Ten Commandments
    TMS Models

    And if that wasn’t enough, after we’ve closed you can still visit the acclaimed Manchester Christmas street markets!

    If you wish to see more details about these traders, please click here:
    traders2015 -
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    Busy evening at Dean hall last night, getting preparations well under way.
    Stuff is gathering for the new members "Bring & Buy" stand including a whole load of US 0 scale!!
    John E.
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    I hope all potential visitors to the show are keeping in fair to good or great health!
    Not very long to go now. . . . . . . .
    Excitement building,
    John E.
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    Hi All,

    Just to remind people, entry is £8. The postcode M1 3BB will take you to the venues own multi story car park.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: A large sinkhole has opened up on the Mancunian Way so please do take note of the modified directions as posted on our website here:

    John E.
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    Cheers for the update John! Train ticket booked and can't wait for Saturday morning

    BTW What are the catering faciIities at the exhibition?
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    No worries, Martin!
    There is a good cafe on site.

    Parking cycles & motorcycles: There isn’t anything on the car park specifically for motorcycles but there is a cycle/motorbike area on the campus. If he/she heads for the Gatehouse and enters the campus on the left hand side (not the right where all the other vehicles will be going), there is a designated area on the left hand side.
    John E.
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    Evening all,

    The show is now largely set up and looking pretty good.

    Main hall,


    Main hall layouts,



    One of the smaller halls,

    The largest (model) turntable I've ever seen!

    MMRS own American H0 layout,

    Some of the display cabinet including some of the late Sid Stubbs work,

    My apologies for the quality of these hurridly snatched camera phone shots.

    Hope that anyone (& everyone) who comes along, enjoys the show.


    John E.