7mm The Minerva Teddy Bears Picnic, a.k.a. the remedial works Thread...


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Now these are Decals!! :) :cool: :thumbs:
Ten beer tokens got me this little lot from John at Precision Decals. The black-outline roundels were scaled down from larger artwork, and included as an option.

John even indulged my eccentric outlook on multiple numbers on one model!

I am more convinced than ever that the Railtech decals were too big.
These decals were scaled and printed to be cut out as one big single decal. I trimmed them to just about the same size as the cab side. They went on a treat and have taken MicroSet like any decent decal should.
These photos are of them just dried out after aplication. Matt varnish to follow soon.
Double happy bunny this evening. :)


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.... but it is 0 Gauge, isn't it usually quite pricey? ;)

Going back to this comment, actually yes Adam, you're quite right!!
It is rather ironic that having commented about the "HOW MUCH??!!" prices of some decal makes, I have effectively ended up paying £5 per decal anyway :confused: as I've only used two out of the eight John sent (I'm only counting the correct, yellow-border roundels here).
But as with a lot of things, when the item is of high quality, the cost is worthwhile when the results are so good.


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Coming back together now. Cab details refitted, and cab refitted to body, & body secured on chassis in the accepted manner.


"Two" locos for the price of one...


The greens still look different in reality to in digital photos!! But the cab colour looks so much better now, and the decals are just fantastic.
Still to do:- light weathering of body & buffer beams. Pick out door handles in silver. Fit headcodes, Builder's & Shed plates.
Also there were some orange under-body pipes & fittings at the one end, by the end steps, not present on the model. No idea what they are, but I need some close up photos of them to see if I can cobble together something to represent them.

Finally, I thought the link was posted on WT, but maybe it was Over There. It was for this DVD. Well worth it; for a 'steam' video much of the footage shot in the Forest of Dean was with Teddy Bears D9502 & D9555, also some of Type 2 D6329, and as a bonus, footage from 1976 of the last revenue train hauled by 37 270! I haven't timed it but I think around half the DVD is F.o.D. footage.

Edit= link to DVD added.
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Hi Jordan,

great stuff, looking forward to the final photos - in the not too distant future.




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Dragging this thread slowly along, kicking & screaming.... got the headcodes fitted today.
I printed out this sheet I downloaded off T'interweb. I like it as the characters copy the roller blind way the real things were fitted, it's easy to get the 'slipped' look theses locos were somewhat notorious for. I cut out the characters & stuck them to black card with double-sided tape. I then put more double-sided tape on the fronts and stuck the headcode glasses to that, then trimmed to fit.
I'm not using headcode lights so didn't have to worry about that.
As per the cab numbers different either side, now I have different headcodes at either end...


I also got the Builder's plates fitted. A neat touch is that one set says built 1964, the other 1965 :thumbs:
As D9503 was built in '64, and D9555 in '65, I've been able to fit correctly dated builder's plates on either side!! :cool: Rivet counter or what??!!?? :rolleyes:
Not painted yet, though, so not photographed either. :oops:
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Now the trick is to weather both sides differently - 1964 slightly heavier than 1965 whilst keeping the fronts slightly cleaner - so they look like two different locos. ;)