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As secretary of the S Scale MRS it is my sad duty to tell you that Trevor Nunn died yesterday evening at his home, following a minor stroke.

Trevor will be known to many as the builder of Wicken in the 1970s, and since the mid-1980s of East Lynn and Nunstanton, and later of Trowland.

Since joining the society in the 1970s Trevor held post as Chairman and later as President, always encouraging other members with their projects and building locomotives for many. A couple of years ago he decided that he could no longer do any modelling and so passed his layouts to other members of the SSMRS. These are now shown at various events round the country.

A more comprehensive obituary will be sent to the modelling press.

He will be missed by us all.

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That's really sad.

I never had the privilege of meeting Trevor but East Lynn being featured in model rail woke me up to modelling the potential of modelling the Great Eastern and started me on the road I've taken everything since. His layouts and modelling have been a rock of inspiration. Saw trowland last year at the mid Essex show and it was just stunning.

We have lost a real artist

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We were privileged to be able to host not one but two of Trevor's layouts at last year's SWAG Members Day. East Lynn Quay, in the care of Maurice Hopper and Trowland in the care of Rob Rayner were exhibited side by side.

Both were simply wonderful examples of just how good a small layout could be. The way in which all elements blended so well was testament to Trevor's craftsmanship.

Time to dig out the relevant MRJs and revisit those articles.



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Trevor was a very fine man indeed. As a modeler he had the brilliant combination of engineer and artist to a very high level. Everything was hand made, worked superbly well and looked sublime. He always took care to study the prototype in his chosen locations so that not just the railway, but the environs looked authentic. And everything was done to the same very high standard so that it looked just right. His layout designs, particularly East Lynn and Trowland, were extremely clever and ingenious users of space without looking at all cramped. His layouts also had that rare quality that even when there were no trains running there was much to admire and hold the eye; they 'lived'. I was fortunate to know him well through the S Scale Model Railway Society at meetings, exhibitions and staying with him. He was good company and always ready to help others and pass on his skills and knowledge in a very modest and understated way. I have long thought that he was probably the best modeler in the country because he could do everything to a very high standard. He'll be greatly missed but his example, models and inspiration will remain for a very long time.

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I am having a little difficulty in finding the words to open my post on the passing of yet another very gifted modeller but I will try.
Trevor with the aid of the late Sam Bonfield very much encouraged me to return to model railways in the early 80s and being a member of the MRC and S Scale Model Railway Society I was invited to play trains in 1986 on Wicken, chain shunting the mill siding with the sweet running GER tram loco.
Prior to this I had seen Wicken at a show in London in the summer of 82 and at this point became very interested in the GER.
To say that Trevor influenced my infatuation of the pre-grouping scene on the GER would be a total understatement! I have to say despite being a test track expected to be completed in a couple of years, Wicken IMHO is one of my favourite layouts. If I had to completely clear all my magazine collection I would try to keep MRJ No.10, bit like Desert Island Discs!
Trevor used 3 link couplings as per the prototype, his locos ran so smoothly and he did not like to weather his stock....looking at the Spanish railways yesterday with all that graffiti and rust made me thank him.
Personally I think he was trying to capture in miniature what Kenn Nunn saw in his camera when he was photographing the GER in the early 1900s.
I can only conclude this little post by saying the S Scale section in that great hall is getting ready for his arrival and one can only imagine what fantastic models are being made.
Others have already said about his kind and supportive ways which when I knew him always came through, he didn't hesitate to pass you a controller!
Thank you Trevor and my thoughts and wishes go to family at this sad time.

Maybe Len White could have his J69 back!!