Very late submission - just a Parkside GW open in O gauge

Discussion in 'GB1. The 4 Plank or Greater Wagon Build' started by Joe's Garage, 17 April 2020.

  1. Joe's Garage

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    I thought I would take advantage of this current situation to finish off some projects as well as peruse the Internet for inspiration...very dangerous for one's health and many nice examples out there.

    Anyway I started this wagon way back in 2008 and never got around to painting and finishing. The other day I got is out and did exactly that. In a moment of madness I finished it in the post 1936 GW period as per the instructions. However I am not sure if the markings are correct as I cannot find an example in the various books showing them in line. The other wagons had the GW, load and numbered centred not left justified ( to use modern terms). Well I just put them on and gave it a light weathering. Is it acceptable?


    GW Open 1.jpg GW Open with instructions.jpg GW Open.jpg
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  2. Scale7JB

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    Looks pretty smart to me..

  3. AJC

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    More than acceptable, I'd say. A nice rendition of late GWR.

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  4. Joe's Garage

    Joe's Garage Western Thunderer

    Thanks, just need to finish the 2021 saddle tank.

  5. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    Did they make it as far as '36? The small lettering only started to be applied then as far as I know.

  6. Wagonman

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    The 2021 class were all converted to pannier tanks by late 1936 except 2028 which was scrapped unaltered in September 1938, one of the first to go.
  7. Joe's Garage

    Joe's Garage Western Thunderer

    I have found a picture of 2028 in a shed setting sometime in the late 20s. I will have another look at it to see how it compares.

    Thanks for the comments.