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    Weston Langford was a civil engineer from Melbourne who worked on railway construction through the 1960s and 70s who took lots of railway photographs. He put his collection on line quite a few years ago - Weston Langford - and fortunately it is being maintained by his son-in-law since his death. Most of the collection is of Victorian subjects but he spent years working building railways in Western Australia and Canada so there are some great photos. He also travelled so there are other places covered as well, including Kenya and, the reason for posting this, the UK. The UK shots date from July and August 1971 and cover whatever went past the platform and quite a few preserved railways. This is one example, there are also filthy Hymeks, other filthy diesels and clean emus etc.
    br816 wl110985s.jpg
    This is a reduced size image, the website has higher resolution images.

    The search function is not really optimised for UK subjects so it is probably easier to browse through the date tab, for UK start at mid July 1971, then August. There may be other trips I haven't found.

    Might provide some inspiration for extreme weathering.
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    I have found it a great source of NSWR photos but well worth a look for it's sheer breadth of coverage.