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Discussion in 'Resources' started by eastsidepilot, 4 May 2014.

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    A typically understated post this..!

    I just thought I'd add a few words of appreciation for Col's wheel services and also his pantograph milling, which has come together quite nicely in this:

    The front and back discs were produced a while ago now in nickel-silver from a pattern I sent to Col and have recently been augmented by a set of machined steel cranks. These Col produced from a dimensioned sketch I sent and I guess would now be a standard part of his range; they're suitable for many outside-crank diesel electric shunters from the English-Electric/Hawthorn Leslie prototype through the LMS standard shunter and 08 to this Bulleid Class 12 and are a direct fit on the current Slater's outside-crank axle. Very impressive stuff!

    Thanks Col :thumbs:

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    Looks the biz!
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    Your welcome mate:D

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    Something else I have been working on, a 4'-0" 15 spoke GER wheel for the "Buckjumper " tanks. Hopefully I'll have them sorted later this year.
    I turned up a steel tyre and pressed in a pre-production centre casting then fitted an axle, I have since re-worked the master and is the hands of my caster at present.
    DSCF3205.JPG DSCF3206.JPG

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    That looks good - love the spokes with a proper oval section.
    What material is the centre cast in?
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    The centre is cast in white metal, the master was machined from CZ120 brass, using a 0.8mm ball cutter, on the profile miller with the blank clamped to a rotary table. I had some cleaning up to do by hand with fine emery and needle files.

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    Is your mill a 3d or 2d machine?
    Either way it's a very neat piece of work.
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    Beautiful work Colin
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    Lovely Col, really lovely :thumbs:
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    2d Steph, it's a Taylor Hobson model K, there was more to it than just a straight milling job mainly to do with producing the sectional shape of the spokes, I could only cut the profile of the spokes , the face profile being cut by tilting the rotary table. The oval shape was achieved by hand, a lot of work :rolleyes:
    If this wheel eventualy works out well there are more wheels that I'd like to produce for myself initialy but may become available for sale.

    Thanks Guy's

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    I feel I should have given some more detail in my opening post on this thread.
    I can cover wheel re-profiling/re- wheeling on any of the 7mm RTR loco's and stock ( Heljan, Bachmann, Ixion, etc.)
    Conversion to S7 and refinement for the F/S Guy's.
    Plastic centred wheels re-profiled.
    Slater's wheels and axles converted to insulated split axle current collection.
    Cast wheels turned.
    Crank axles.

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    I can certainly recommend Col's wheel turning:thumbs:

    These are the wheels that Col turned for my F3 - one of your photo's too Col:thumbs:

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    My current wheel services price list :)
    I can supply and fit any kind of crank pin to your sec.
    ESP Price list.jpg ESP Price list (b).jpg