Wheels for 03 & 04 shunters?

Discussion in 'Talk' started by SteveO, 14 February 2014.

  1. SteveO

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    Well, exactly that - where do I get some?

    Slaters don't do them, neither do any other manufacturers. Pardon? Other manufacturers? Yes, there aren't any! Who on earth let that happen? I've only bought wagon and diesel wheels before and beside my NBL wheels, none have had spokes. So Slaters are the only surviving manufacturer. No wonder they're so blooming expensive!

    I wonder where San Cheng got their supplies? Is there truly no other source?
  2. mickoo

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    Not sure of the exact number of spokes for an 03, best guess is 12 or 13, in which case I'd go for 7844c wheels which are 12 spoke inline crank at 3' 8", now you can live with the extra 0.6mm dia or get someone to skim them down to correct size, personally I'd ignore the 0.6mm dia and fit as best I can.

    This page here has some nice detail shots of 03's

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  3. eastsidepilot

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    Steve, as Mick suggests, the Slater's wheel 7844c would suit and I believe it should be 12 spoke for an 03.
    I would be able to re-profile S7:Dor F/S to the correct dia. if you need that service mate:thumbs:

    ATB, Col.
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  4. SteveO

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    Thanks for the link Mick, nice little resource there which I've not come across before. Yup, it's 12 spokes on a n 03 but only 8 spokes an an 04. I spoke to Walsall about getting them commissioned but they're still £20 a set (although a prototypically correct set) for bulk commissions but I'm not sure of the final finish of the castings. I haven't heard the best news about the non-machined surfaces being very sandy.
  5. SteveO

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    Thanks Col, that is an extremely generous offer! If I only wanted one set I would bite your hand off, but I'll be looking at an initial order of 12 sets of 03 and 12 sets of 04.

    Col, where are you going? Col? Col! COL!

    Was it something I said?
  6. Osgood

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    Oh - so I'm not the only one planning a Cohens scrapyard diorama then......:cool:
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  7. SteveO

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    Haha! In a way I guess I am. I'm buying something. Something big...
  8. eastsidepilot

    eastsidepilot Western Thunderer

    I'm still here mate :D..... perhaps we can come up with a deal of some sort :thumbs:.

  9. alcazar

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    Twenty-four 03's and 04's.........?

    Do you know something we don't? Being as how the Bachmann ones are sold out and I know of no kits.....?
  10. SteveO

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    Well, I must confess that I do. Regarding kits available, DJH do an 03 – and a very good one it is – but that is it. Whether there is demand for 03 & 04 kits is another question that I'm trying to answer. However, all that aside, the correct wheels are a MAJOR stumbling block, and considering they are all on show with only a connecting rod to get in the way, it's something that is troubling me...
  11. Osgood

    Osgood Western Thunderer

    I've just put 03 and 04 together and made S7 :drool:
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  12. Overseer

    Overseer Western Thunderer

    I don't think 04 wheels are a MAJOR problem, just an opportunity for a bit more work, and an excuse for acquiring some tools. The square section spokes and large balance weight mean they would be quick to make using a pantograph mill, CNC mill or even a manual mill. Or even drill and file a pattern and have them cast. Tyres for the 3'6" version should not be a problem as both Alan Gibson and Slaters have been known to sell loose tyres if asked nicely. The earlier 3'3" tyres are not so easy. I can explain how I would do it using a pantograph mill if there is interest, or maybe you could commission Col to do the machining for you.
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  13. SteveO

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    And you make it sound so simple! I'm afraid all of what you've just described is waaay out of my scope, experience and league. I'm going to speak to Walsall about quality and pricing and take it from there. If I don't get any luck in that direction I'll explore something else or just drop that hot coal into the 'not my problem' bucket.
  14. alcazar

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    I have to say that the Slaters diesel wheel range tends to be somewhat disappointing....you are more likely to have to make do and mend if modelling diesels.

    I wasn't aware the DJH kit was still available? I've had a look and it is...at a whopping £360........phew!

    Compare that to the ex-MMP kit, plus wheels and decent motor/gearbox.

    But the likes of DJH/Slaters/JLTRT and even Heljan aren't cheap, are they?
  15. Mike W

    Mike W Western Thunderer

    If you are asking Walsall to quote for a batch of castings you might like to ask Mark Wood too. He only does one wheel in 7mm at present and will probably be more expensive than Walsall, but as you suspected, the surface will be MUCH better.

  16. Osgood

    Osgood Western Thunderer

    I guess making a pattern, then lost wax brass castings (good for small quantity?) with separate tyre would jack costs up too high?
  17. eastsidepilot

    eastsidepilot Western Thunderer

    Making a casting pattern for an 03 wheel, machined from brass plate, would not be difficult especially as the spokes are of rectangular section as apposed to the 15 spoke GER wheel I have been working on.
    DSC01051.JPG Cast in white metal and machined to fit a steel tyre the costs wouldn't be prohibitive.
    But cheaper than a Slater's mass produced wheel, I don't know.

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  18. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer

    How do you retain the tyre on the cast wheel?
  19. eastsidepilot

    eastsidepilot Western Thunderer

    Tube of glue.........:p
    Well not exactly, if there machined with the right tolerance then Loctite will do it.

  20. alcazar

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    I thought I posted this earlier: why aren't we approaching Slaters for the correct wheels? They do wheels for far rarer prototypes.