Wheels for 03 & 04 shunters?

Discussion in 'Talk' started by SteveO, 14 February 2014.

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    Steve, I think you might have a spelling error stopping your website functioning - comapny in the link, maybe it is just the link.
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    Not there anymore Steve :'(

    Steve :cool:
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    Thanks chaps, obviously my fruit has gone off...

    This is the blog it should link to http://www.littleloco.co.uk/p/blog-page.html

    I'l have a look at my redirect and DNS tomorrow. Cheers for letting me know (it was working fine this afternoon!).
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    Precisely, it's not the carrier that's at issue here but the thieving scum at the other end, and it's becoming more prevalent (three out of the last seven items posted have been 'lost'), the point I tried to make is that myHermes delivers large parcels cheaper than the PO and are automatically tracked, the PO charges considerably more for the same privilege and if your trying to negate losses from eBay sales then myHermes might be a better solution as the receiver knows it's tracked and 'may' be less likely to rip you off.
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    Very good point there, Mick. Might be worth another try.

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    Good point Mick.

    I'm just a bit protective of the Post Office, although I also agree some of their prices are a bit eye watering.

    I suspect that some of their policies and the prices have been driven up by their "e-bay experience" - that and privatisation......

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    Just to bring closure to all this, I think the PO is great (used to work for them as a sorting office technician) but for the great unwashed Ebay masses it's open to abuse, unless you wish to pay significantly more than other alternatives. For everyone else or people you trust then the PO is great.

    And, now it's Tuesday, so we're all awaiting the great news....Steve!
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    It's been Tuesday for 20.5 hours over here in Australia... and I'm quite keen to find out more...
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    Haha! Well, it's news, but it's not likely to make the midday bulletin...

    From 10.30am GMT this morning, The Little Loco Company (erm, that's me) now owns the rights to, and will start producing 7mm scale BR 03 and 04 shunter kits, formerly available from Right Price Railway Company.

    These kits have been 'retired' for a few years due to the availability of Bachmann RTR and a few other kits which were available at the time. This situation has now changed, but regardless, Malcolm Price has decided to retire from kit production and move in a slightly different direction.

    The Little Loco Company has bought the rights to both the BR 03 & 04 shunter kits with a medium-term goal of updating both to modern kit standards and eventually offering all build batches of both prototypes.

    Please, don't have nightmares. Goodnight.
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    I'd hoped this was the join-of-the-dots for the source of the kits. The built-up models in the below rmweb thread are quite decent and certainly appealing;


    Plenty of opportunities to tweak and detail. I'd love to know if the bonnet-side doors are separately applied...

    It's a little bit of a stretch (for my modelling scenario) to say that one ended up 'loaned' to the NCB at Mountain Ash in 1980 - I believe Cardiff had a few 03's... I know at least one 08 ended up on loan... I REALLY love the Class 03... rule 1... going to go to bed and sleep on it!!
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    Diesels in South Wales has pictures of Class 03 No 2139 at Coed Ely in 1982. It is painted yellow and that was enough excuse for me to run one on Y Cae. Go on......!
  12. SteveO

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    It was me who started that thread – in fact, it started this started the whole ball rolling. And you're right, Geoff has made an amazing job of building his two RPRC kits, they are stunning.

    I already had an 04 kit but wanted a couple 03s so called RPRC. He said he wasn't interested in producing them anymore but offered the rights if I wanted to take them on. A few months later and here we are.

    To answer your question, the bonnet side doors are not separately applied. On the 04 most of the bonnet is one etch, on the 03 there are several etches to make the fuel tank hump. Both bonnets are shaped with included formers soldered to the insides to make an accurate shape.
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    Good news that you've saved those two, I hope you are rewarded for it.

    Have you any idea what Mr Price is doing with his other kits?
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    Thanks Jeff, although the only reward will be knowing they are still available – there is absolutely nothing in it financially for me.

    He still has the 06 shunter available for sale, plus all his steam loco kits, until the end of the month, and he's willing to talk about selling the rights to the 06. He's not selling the steam rights as he has retirement plans for them, which I can't go into at the moment.

    I wasn't interested in the 06 as both Mercian and Judith Edge already do one.
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    Well done, and I hope Little Locos eventually becomes Big Locos but if so, please don't forget the little critters which started the ball rolling!

    For the future, is your little critter interest centred around BR only, or might industrials get a look in where they do not clash with other ranges?

    The results of Geoff's work in the RM thead above inspired me to phone Mr. Price a couple of weeks back regarding the Barclay. Trouble was I only wanted one! As it happens the Judith Edge / Mercian versions look to be very worthy baton holders for the Barclay brand.
  16. SteveO

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    Thanks! I doubt it will become 'big' in any way! My interest is Suffolk, or more specifically, Ipswich, so anything around there would spark an interest – a decent Class 15 immediately springs to mind...

    It's been a good day for website visits, 364 so far (not including my own, and 522 since Sunday.
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    I'll take that... Coed-Ely is about 12 miles or so away, near enough for me and my lenient interpretations of reality!! I could say that the 08 intended for duty was found to be a touch heavy on the trackwork in some areas (even though, at the time that the diesels were brought in, it was really on spoil/'clean-up' duties) and the more gentle 03 was sent up as a replacement.

    Sorry for the hijack! I do believe I shall put pennies forward for one of these... the stars seem to be aligning.
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    :thumbs::thumbs: Thats great news Steve.

    Steve :cool:
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    No apology required! Seeking justification is plenty reason to post here :) I'll save one especially for you. I have a few confirmed orders/declarations of interest now for the 03, so looking good. Nothing yet for the 04 kit, but I'll carry on regardless with that.

    As I write this there have been 881 website views today so I'm hoping more comes of that when there's more to tell and something solid to offer and display.

    Cheery night all!
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    That's a damned good start Steve!
    Good luck with your venture, it sounds like a fun project in itself ;)

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