Video When We Was Posh, Btf Diesel Trainride (1959)

Discussion in 'Resources' started by WellThatDiddntGoToWell, 20 October 2012.

  1. WellThatDiddntGoToWell

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    Not sure if this is the right place again and no doubt old hat to some but detail wise it may be of use for the era or those modeling DMU's, specially given the clarity of the film. Supposedly taken from a child's point of view, the locations jump about a bit (ok, a lot) and features a DMU that has a fuel tank to run across most of the country. Who needs Health and Safety. It's 1959, hats rule, diesel rocks and orange vests are out!

    Regards all, Dean :drool:
  2. lancer1027

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    Hi Dean, yes i have watched that the other day. I came across it when i was looking for class 121 cab interior pics.:thumbs:

  3. Ressaldar

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    the guy with the bobble hat taking the photo did it for me:)):)):)) and overcoats in lieu of hi-viz vests - great, thanks for postong Dean.


  4. Scale7JB

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    It's surprisingly mountainous in Norfolk eh?!

  5. Jordan

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    I used to like sitting behind the Driver like that to see the view ahead... although a miserable g!t like the one in the film would most likely pull the blind down behind him!! :rolleyes: :mad:
  6. SteveO

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    That was lovely! I remember similar train rides to this when I was a nipper in the 70s – looking out the front, watching the driver fiddle with his knobs. I was fascinated by drivers of everything then, even travelling by bus I'd sometimes miss my stop because my eyes were fixed on the driver! Oh, the good old days...