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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Simon, 25 August 2017.

  1. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    I have just added more information to the Wild Swan website, showing covers of books that have been produced since I took the business on, and also featuring a page which gives some information on forthcoming and future Wild Swan titles.

    I will be endeavouring to add content to this website that will complement the books and also provide a more "content rich" experience.

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  2. Dan Randall

    Dan Randall Western Thunderer

    Hi Simon

    With regard to Barry Norman's "Designing a Layout" book, in your web site write up you said....

    "On page 10 there is an excellent detailed view of a dairy siding, if anyone knows where the place was I would dearly like to know. The caption reveals no clues to its location although it looks like a Western Region installation to me".

    I'm at work at present, but if it's the picture I'm thinking of, the location is Frome, which is indeed on the Western Region. I had an attempt at drawing the dairy frontage in TurboCAD a few years ago, but like so many of my projects, it slid down the list of priorities when something else took my interest! Needless to say, the dairy is long gone and it's now a branch of Jewsons.


  3. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Hi Dan

    Fantastic, that's very "close to home".

    I'd be really interested in more details about it, one aspect that fascinates me is that there are disc signals provided on the sidings so they must have been close to running lines, that and the bus in the background…

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  4. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    I found my way to the Future Titles page; it looks as though I'll have to make space for another couple of books. I'm sure that I'll find Peter Barnfield's Railway Journeys in Wales right up my street, but the one that really excites is his Aberllefenni Quarry album. I've seen a few of his photos of the quarry in Railway Bylines and if the rest are half as good it'll be a fantastic record of the place.
  5. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Thank you Neil, the quarry pictures are amazing. None of your place infortunately, but a view up the road towards it...

    And it's going to have a bit of poetry in it too:eek:

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  6. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    Those 2 caught my eye as well - hopefully one for the Christmas list.
  7. Osgood

    Osgood Western Thunderer

    Aha, Peter Barnfield's Photgraphic Essay of the the Richard Thomas and Baldwin Steelworks - bring it on!
  8. iak63

    iak63 Western Thunderer

    LNWR Wagons Vol. 3... :)
    Drool... Wibble...
  9. Lyndhurstman

    Lyndhurstman Western Thunderer

    Ah... good stuff. And a modelling memoir from Mr Rice. I'll look forward to that. I'll drop a note to Santa...