Video Witham to Maldon East - branchline interlude

Discussion in 'Resources' started by AJC, 18 January 2021.

  1. AJC

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    This is rather nice - courtesy of the BFI and the East Anglian Film Archive, a trip from Witham to East Maldon with an excursion to Wickham Bishops and a fine hound. I think it's probably only available in the UK, and since it's based on 8mm cine film the quality isn't wonderful, but to me at least, it's a bit like the Yaxbury branch come to life, J15s and all.

    Watch Witham to Maldon East - BFI Player

  2. Rob R

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    Of relevance to another thread on here, did anyone catch a glimpse of a few planks of an unpainted open wagon at Maldon East? (Hiding behind the dog!)

    Thank you for posting Adam.

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    A lovely "home" movie, if a bit disjointed, but at least the author has tried to make a story out of it. Although the film is quite significantly damaged with scratches and dirt it's nevertheless amazingly sharp and judder free for 8mm. Although I've not checked the details yet I wonder if it's actually 16mm.

    I'm sending this on to Tim Mills as it's one of his early stamping grounds as you'll have seen in his photos.

    Thank you for finding and sharing it.

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    I can only go on the description given - and the EAFA are pretty thorough and usually accurate in my experience. I was impressed by the lack of judder, too. I came across the film courtesy of the current custodians of Wickham Bishops church, the Friends of Friendless Churches and their Twitter feed so it's a consequence of my varied interests.

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    What a delightful journey, a great antidote to a busy cold day at work.
    So much to take in - little details of interest in almost every frame.
    The Church of St. Bartholomew was certainly in a bit of a state back then - good to see it is now being cared for.
    Thanks for posting.
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  6. oldravendale

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    Thanks Adam - I don't doubt your sources at all. However, if you look at other films from 8mm this one is exceptional. I've had a few of mine transferred for TV and they don't come close. That's always been a disappointment as they look pretty good when projected on to a screen.

    It's an area of knowledge if not expertise as I worked in the motion picture industry for many years - I know abut the poor quality of VHS videos and why that should be so - the Film Archive have some very clever chaps and it's great if they can make 8mm look as good as this.

    Whichever way I look at it, though, it's a lovely film and I'm so grateful to you for directing us to it. It's a time long gone, but one I remember.

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  7. geoff_nicholls

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    Excellent, thanks for posting it. I model a hundred years prior to that, and I bet most of what you see would have been around then as well.
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    Hi, I'm Ruby and I would like to see where Dusty the dog went too. I have been to Maldon and saw the steam engine on the Victorian Goldfields Railway, different Maldon I think. Pity BFI won't let us see the film.
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