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Hi Guv,

put me on the order list.

a suggestion for the Mek holder - a groove to place the brush in/on rather than the holes - the solvent won't run down the brush then.




Ploffy says can you do one in BLUE with confused arrows
You want colour options as well?! Colours would mean using acrylic which is more expensive and needs special glue but it can be done. You can have your name in Rail alphabet if you want :)
Ill order some coloured acrylic tomorrow and see what I can come up with.....


Just Playing :) the lettering and spacing needs adjusting, but I have found the right book..... It should really be black on white b/g



Very nice. Seriously are you taking commissions as I'd like a name plate like that for my layout.

BTW Take care of that book, its very expensive to replace.
I was given the book by Jim Cousins back in the eighties, and yes I will do them to order in proper colours. I did a control panel in blue and white last week and I forgot to take pictures :headbang: sorry Ian!


Mid-Western Thunderer

Shouldn't that read "Ploffy's Dead End"...?!?! :D:)):D

A groove or two on the brush holder wouldn't go amiss, either....;)
Sorry to sound cynical before jumping on the order list, but what sort of prices are we looking at..?


Western Thunderer
And John will have a couple for his Lincoln layout and I quite fancy one for my layout too. At this rate you'll be able to retire :D

Dog Star

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Add me to the list once you have them perfected. I will probably be in line for the plier holder too.

To quote "Currently building a refrigerator truck; an A3; an MMP Glass wagon; an LNER 06; a Midland coach; a Tar Tank; an NER Horse box and a Salt wagon" ... with all that lot to do then I doubt that your pliers and solvent brush will have time to be tidy. ;)


Getting there.. the blemish above the arrows is a stray construction point that the laser decided to engrave...doh! I could do with better quality laminate as this is a bit rough.