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Discussion in 'WR Action' started by 28ten, 30 December 2010.

  1. marsa69

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    Here's an idea for you. That last piece looks the mutts nuts so would there not be a market for large sheets of the stuff? Like that people have got the option to build what they want and paint it in any colour they want. You could still develop building kits but if large sheets were available i reckon you'd be onto a winner ;)
  2. Old Buffer

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    Splendid idea Mark.
  3. alcazar

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    This laser cutter?
    Will it cut/mark brass?

    How hard would it be for me to draw out the sides and roof of Falcon in 7mm scale, (or larger?) and would you/could you laser cut it?
    What sort of cost would I be looking at?

    Sorry for the sidetrack, please continue in PM if you prefer. Thanks.
  4. Mr Tiger Viking

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    Crickey Cynric you are turning yourself into a little business in producing high quality model railway products. those pallets and the panelled wood are stunning and you are right to evolve your brick wall, the latest version is stunning.
    How is the parcels hut coming on? I am looking for some nice timber and sleepers to make some coal staites for a small coal yard in 1/32nd.
    Have you anymore of the etched bogie frames you produced for Fred`s Class 22, as I would like 2x sets for the class 21 & 29.
    Mr TV
  5. 28ten

    28ten Guv'nor

    Steve, I can get some more done. Im getting John Taylor to profile mill the beam as it will be a little more robust. Ill email you some dimensioned drawings so you can check fit.
    Sleepers are on the list, parcels hut just about ready, but I have been distracted by the arches :)
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    You are the geekmeister; that section of brickwork is absolutely stunning. You've got the blend of art and science spot on.
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  7. 28ten

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    I take being the geekmeister as a compliment :)