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    It's a very good idea, and upload the pictures as you go rather than getting into the situation that Laurie Griffin has. I don't know where he would start with populating his site with pictures of the 100's of castings that he supplies, but I know that if he had pictures and online ordering he would definitely be paying off the yearly holiday a bit quicker..

  2. adrian

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    Although I clicked the like button I then realised the consequences of my actions. It'd just mean I'd be skint quicker!!
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  3. Scale7JB

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    Exactly... :))

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    As the bloke who has to do the work (and it is all guess work) this is a VERY BAD IDEA. I would like to renew my relationship with my soldering iron soon.:p
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    Pish, you should try it at the coal face :confused:. I'm still up to my knackers in patterns.

    I have at least seen my soldering iron in the past week. It's still not been on, but I have at least seen it!

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    And as someone who's had his soldering iron in his hand every day (Bar Telford) for the last three months...beware what you wish for!

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    I'll push on your pish. Two weeks of etch layout drawings? Not a coal face, I'll admit, but more like a desert - it goes on for ever and is very dry!
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    Easy life, in my day........
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    Sounds like we are going down the road of getting up before I went to bed !!! (Month python !!)
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    The first of our new castings to be made available has now arrived. This is the Stanier tender brake crank and leadscrew.



    It will be included in the Princess Coronation tender kit, but is available separately for anyone wanting to upgrade any other Stanier tender.

  11. Heather Kay

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    Memory tells me that there was a streamlined Princess Coronation in the Finney range once upon a time. Can I ask if it still is, and if it might reappear at some point?
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  12. Cliff Williams

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    No Heather you are thinking of the David Andrews Streamlined kit, it also used a resin body.
  13. Heather Kay

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    Hmm. I was pretty certain there was a Finney one. It was on the market about the same time as the spam can, and caused quite a stir at the time.
  14. Rob Pulham

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    It looks like I will be needing a couple of those at some point:thumbs:

    Heather, I have the DA version in my stash if you want photos at any point.
  15. Heather Kay

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    Thanks Rob. I'll let you know. I have a client who has asked me to consider a build, but the first task is to find a kit! It currently looks like Tower Models is the only source. Mr Andrews is now only producing kits to order, and it really isn't clear whether his streamliner is still in the list. I guess I'll fire him an email to find out.

    Apologising for the slight thread hijack, back to the Finney7 content…
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    Dribble Dribble I'm glad some kit suppliers listen and improve things.. Does this mean the Duchess is available again or is it about to be ?
  17. Dikitriki

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    It's in production at the moment. We are hoping to have it available at the Bristol show in January.

  18. markjj

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    Thank goodness I will have to play Scrooge over Christmas then.. It's going to be an expensive end of year/new year by the look of it....
  19. Dikitriki

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    We now have a huge pile of components for the Bulleid Light Pacifics, so packing will commence later this week. They will be available for collection at Reading, or posted beforehand, and I will be contacting all those who have paid a deposit for collection of the balance and to see what optional extras are required. We only have a handful of the pacifics unallocated, and only two 4500 gallon tenders left, so if you want one and haven't already ordered, now's your chance!

    The website has had a further update - more instructions added and extra components for the BLP. A reminder that any castings from the current production kits are available separately, though there will be a lead time of about 28 days, other than those mentioned on the website.

    We are also restocking the M7, Adams' Radial and T3 which should be available at Reading.

    The Princess Coronation is next off the blocks, hopefully for Bristol, and we will be working on a semi smokebox as an option.

    Hope to see you at Reading.

  20. Dikitriki

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    Last call for Bulleid Light Pacifics before Reading. We have only 3 left, and only 5500 gallon tenders remaining. The body casing mould is life-expired so it will be a while before they reappear.

    The new moulds for the Princess Coronation white-metal components are now being made, and we have produced a master for the Semi chimney.....bit of a giveaway that as to what is forthcoming.