western region

  1. Compton castle

    7mm Cardiff Canton

    I thought I’d start a separate thread for Canton as my work bench thread contains my other projects plus here I can pop in exhibition dates we will be appearing at. The layout has a scenic section 6’ x 3’ and is an island type layout in that it’s viewable from 3 sides.
  2. J

    Bodmin General (1955) - P4 layout progress

    I recently threatened to post some details of my under-construction model of Bodmin General on here. The initial evolution of the layout has been the subject of a thread on the Scalefour Forum but I thought I'd widen the audience and try and be more disciplined about updating progress. Having...
  3. Focalplane

    7mm Birmingham Moor Street

    An update, March 2022 Track laying is finally complete, though not all the point motors have been connected. An update, September 2021 On returning to France after 10 months absence, I have decided that the current layout is not offering the best operational options. For example, local...
  4. Compton castle

    7mm Smoke, Ash & Steam

    Over a few days last week I was able to dismantle Ranelagh Bridge, luckily when I built it I screwed everything together which made coming apart fairly easy, I was able to reuse a lot of the timber to make up a new frame work. I’ve laid out some temporarily ply on top & I’m going reuse the...
  5. geoff_nicholls

    BR DMUs and GWR Railcars hauling other stock

    I'm building a GRS kit of a class 121 DMU. While checking photos in Kevin Robertson's book on first generation DMU's, I found a picture of a class 121 hauling an LMS full brake, The caption states this was a Maidenhead to Aylesbury working, in 1961. Does anyone know if this was a regular...
  6. 7428 84J

    4mm Cwm Prysor - Modelling the Bala-Blaenau Ffestiniog Branch

    Hello all I'm currently in the process of building my first proper layout, and first exhibition layout, Cwm Prysor. Although relatively small at 10ft in length, it will be part of a home layout extending the line across the Viaduct and along the mountain side. The Boards were laser cut by Tim...
  7. cbrailways

    7mm Blackbridge Town Riverside

    I have created this thread to separate the thread on Blackbridge Town from the Blackbridge Town Riverside layout as development will be proceeding at a separate pace. Here is the layout: The layout is 3000mm long by 400mm wide and consists of four baseboards, two each 1200mm long and two...
  8. cbrailways

    7mm Blackbridge Town

    Hello all. New to this forum. Thought you might be interested in hearing about the 7mm Finescale layout I have under construction called Blackbridge Town. As I basically like railway operation this is not intended to be a ‘scenic layout’, rather it’s been designed for maximum operational...
  9. Heather Kay

    7mm On Heather's workbench - Western royalty

    It was bound to happen sooner or later. A JLTRT Whizzo has arrived on the workbench! D1042 Western Princess is to be built in maroon, small yellow panel, and as a static display model. At least that means I can't make a horlicks of the drive train! I have the kit, the wheels, the plates. I...
  10. West Junction

    Prototype Useful train formations

    My brother took this picture at West Drayton Middlesex about 1964 and I thought it might be useful for those modelling the early WR diesel scene who don't have room for long trains.
  11. AJC

    Photo WR (and beyond) in the '70s

    Good news for those that remember Andy Kirkham's Fotopic gallery and all the wonderful shots showing the Western region in the '70s. They're back and this time on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/52554553@N06/ Adam
  12. 28ten

    Photo D1020

    1971 - Western Technicolor at Paddington by rgadsdon, on Flickr What a state :eek: Link to two missing photos added by S Cook 261015. Photo 1 Photo 2
  13. Alan

    Wencombe /Kingsbridge Regis/Louville Lane

    Wencombe/Kingsbridge Regis As stated in my New Members thread my 00 gauge layout Wencombe is based on an imaginary line from Churston via a viaduct over the R. Dart to Kingsbridge with passing stations at Dartmouth and Wencombe, with a branch from Wencombe to Slapton (upgraded during WWII for...