Trade (4mm) Knowle Wagon Works - 2mm Brass Bearing Tool

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    I searched for this over here, but couldn't find it.... This is from Tom Silsbury (TTTE) over on The Other Place

    Knowle Wagon Works - Smaller Suppliers

    I'm pleased to announce the availability of my brass bearing tool suitable for 4mm modellers, following approval from the moderators.

    The tool allows easy and accurate fitment of any 2mm brass bearing in RTR stock. Due to its design it is suitable for OO, EM and P4 gauges.

    The 8mm hex body allows ample clearance between the W-irons and the chassis.

    It is supplied complete and ready to use with simple instructions.

    I am currently working on a Website to allow online ordering, but in the meantime please PM me for details if you are interested in obtaining one.

    I will update this thread once the Website is online.

    They are priced at £12.00 plus £1.50 p&p (Royal Mail First Class).

    Regards, Tom
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    I've long wanted one, but they never appear for me. I've purchased one, and it looks the part.


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  2. AJC

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    That looks a very handy tool indeed, and I had missed it up until now. Thanks Jan.

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    Thanks Jan just the thing, the thread mentions Gibson 2mm bushes is that the best source?
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    Hi @AdeMoore

    Gibson's are what I use, but its horses for courses, I think.Fundamentally, if you're using the drill method, you'll need the parallel sort, obviously. I know the Markits ones are generally too long for my (P4) needs (Bearing and axle interfaces for coaches and wagons) but others (00) like them. I must admit to using the 'melt in with soldering iron' method too... :D


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    Thanks for the info Jan. M.Apre.
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  6. Bill Bedford

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    The Exactoscale bearings are the only ones that 'conform' to the Scalefour Society's original drawings. Conform is in quotes since in practice no manufacturer has been able to make the bearing cone to a consistent depth.
  7. Bill Bedford

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    I don't understand this.

    Waisted bearings have a short parallel part to the body which fits nicely into a 2mm hole, and the pip at the end can be filed down if you have particularly shallow axleboxes.
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    Hello Bill,

    I'm highlighting (or attempting to highlight, but i notice i've neglected to differentiate in my haste to help..) that the parallel-sided bearing (i.e. the non-waisted variety) involves the use of the drill.


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    Cracking idea, I have over a thousand rolling stock that will eventually need doing!

    Sign me up (email sent)