Cameo Competition Results


Flying Squad
As we approach Railex, judges have been considering the very many entries and have now contacted all shortlisted and non shortlisted entries. There are in addition a number of entries, 19 in total by our reckoning, which the judges have decided are going to be insufficiently complete to be exhibited at Railex this year, and these are effectively "standing outside" of the judging process at this stage.

David Lane has kindly agreed to stage a further display of Cameo competition entries at Railex 2020, and so we are keen that these entries carry on building, as there are some really good ideas and great layouts under construction. Any entry that withdrew due to time constraints is welcome to carry on for consideration for the 2020 show, but we stress this is not a new competition open to any new entries.

The standards have been really high, and the variety of ideas wonderfully varied, as can be seen from the threads on Western Thunder and also over on RMweb. The judges job has been genuinely very difficult and all of the entries were considered to be of a high standard.

I would also like to thank Adrian for generously hosting this Cameo section of Western Thunder for entries, which has added hugely to the fun of the whole thing and also been incredibly useful in sorting through all of the great ideas and superb modelling. Thank you very much Adrian.

Broadly speaking, there are 8 in the final shortlist, 11 not shortlisted, and the 19 standing outside of the competition. The initial entry was staggering at something like 95 entries. It is difficult to be completely precise as not all original entries responded to requests for information earlier in the process.

If anyone has any queries about any of this, then please do contact me.

So a big thank you to all of you, on behalf of Iain Rice, Gordon Gravett, Chris Nevard and myself!

And see you at Railex....

Simon Castens


Flying Squad
I have now sent out a message to the 19 entries that have effectively not been judged, as described in the first post above.

One message has failed, and I do not have records of two layouts here that look as if they are still carrying on, so if you haven't just received an email and think you ought to have done, then please contact me directly.

Fleshing out the results:

Final Shortlist

Bottom Works Yard
Cameo Callaton
Midland in Bristol
Newton Heath

Final judging of the final six shortlisted entries will be announced at Railex on the Saturday afternoon May 25th.

There are in addition two "highly commended" entries that are going to appear at the Mendip Model Railway group's Warminster exhibition two weeks later on Saturday the 8th June:

Highly commended

Alma Street Quay

Incidentally, this show will also feature both Lananta and Newton Heath entries, so the show will have quite a "Cameo theme". Jerry (and I) also hope that all of the Cameo Challenge judges will also be at Warminster on the 8th.

As has been stated before, the standard of entry is very high and the "difference" between shortlisted and not shortlisted is really not very great in any case.



Western Thunderer
Just a thought, and nothing good comes out of thinking too hard, but could this compo become a triennial affair?

I know it's easy to say, but I would be willing to help with the admin, not judging obvs.