7mm Corwen Road

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    I now understand my mistake - it's the Up platform surface in the photo, not the track bed! Sorry for the red herring. Looks typical weather for Portmadoc in the two goods trains passing photo.

    Now here is something about the gunpowder trains from Penrhyn. I was told back when Cooks was still in business that gunpowder vans had a white diamond on the van side, but I have never had this substantiated. Any ideas from an explosive expert?
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    From what I know about GW gunpowder vans is that the diagonal cross was in red and I would think that, that would be pretty general across the other companies and later BR. The red signifying danger.
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  3. LarryG

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    Dun the deed. Photographed in artificial light tonight...
    WEB Weighbridge 20B.jpg

    If I remember rightly, it is a GNR building. Having built a GWR hut in the past, I wanted something different...
    WEB Weighbridge 20C.jpg
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    Nice work Larry.
  5. BrushType4

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    Thats lovely. Its a GCR standard weighbridge hut. Quite substantial when compared to the GWR. I think the GWR were quite careful with their money!.
  6. LarryG

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    Rule 1 :- A big lorry slid into and all-but demolished the original building during one of the most SEVERE SNOWY WINTERS of the early 20th century in 1917. A temporary wooden hut was put over the replacement weighing machine and served for five years until the GWR erected a brick building in 1924. Sounds good dunnit. :D
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    Corrrr , cant wait for the next chapter .
    Cheers Paul
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  8. LarryG

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    Final chapter not just for 2020 Paul, but for the next few weeks. I'm spraying this bridge to tidy the WB ready for the new year. Ribs were fitted below the road span to strengthen the structure before spraying...

    WEB Bridge new 10A.jpg

    Halfords Upol Acid8 etch primer was used for the initial coat seeing as the bridge is multi media...
    WEB Bridge new 10B.jpg

    Halfords red oxide followed after ¾ hour to as a base for my light brick cellulose. It was sprayed inside and out for protection against damp...
    WEB Bridge new 10C.jpg
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  9. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    Spotty Muldoon stage. Embankment will cover much of the wall...

    WEB Bridge new 11A.jpg

    Cement courses to follow if I can scrounge some matt white....
    WEB Bridge new 11B.jpg
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  10. LarryG

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    The bridge and hut are the same colour though one wouldn't think so...
    WEB Bridge new 11D.jpg

    They look the same now that the mortar courses have been added. No mortar has been added where te wall will be hid by embankment. More has yet to be done to give the bridge some character....
    WEB Bridge new 12A.jpg
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  11. LarryG

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    In the end it was found necessary to glue a strengthening strip across the back of the bridge seeing as the plastic girders glued to the wooden pillars would not have done the job on their own...

    WEB Bridge new 14A.jpg

    Some more weathering has been done to represent soot and water runs. The stonework has yet to be painted...
    WEB Bridge new 14B.jpg

    Rust on the ironwork. According to 'Great Western Way', girders were painted either dark grey or light grey....
    WEB Bridge new 14C.jpg

    The road surface has received a coat of grey for the time being. It will be attended to properly at scenery-time...
    WEB Bridge new 14D.jpg
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  12. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    Kerbing slabs were made using Slaters 7mm Paving cut into half-width strips and glued to 80thou Plastikard....

    WEB Bridge new 15A.jpg

    All the stonework was brush painted with matt cellulose sandstone colour. When dry, diluted PPC 'Dirty black' was used to weather it. The edges of the kerbstones were rubbed clean by the shoes of interested bystanders such as Ivor Bolex and Effyn Zenit Jones....
    WEB Bridge new 16A.jpg

    View across the bridge...
    WEB Bridge new 16B.jpg

    The underside of the bridge was sprayed with much diluted Halfords Matt Black with a touch of BR cream added...
    WEB Bridge new 16C.jpg WEB Bridge new 16D.jpg

    In situ. The backscene shown will be replaced in due course...
    WEB Bridge new 16E.jpg
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  13. LarryG

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    To finalize this thread, pictures are posted here that I took yesterday to assist with this bridge.
    WEB Bridge new 13A.jpg

    54 years after the steam-era, not all the soot stain has been removed....
    WEB Bridge new 13C.jpg

    Mossy green stain probably as a result of nearby trees. In 1963 when I came across this bridge, it was quite blackenned...
    WEB Bridge new 13D.jpg
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  14. LarryG

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    Members might remember I had to replace my compressor last year. My 50 year old Devilbis spraygun now leaks so much air that the new compressor cannot keep up with it above 15 psi. A DeVilbis spraygun similar to my old Type MP would se me back over £400.00.

    PhilH has kindly loaned me his Sparmax GP50 with trigger action. It atomizes well and gives a good coat with cellulose paint. I have adjusted it to pull the trigger right back to deliver more paint, however it is already clear that even the large cup that comes with this gun would need constant re-filling with an O gauge loco. Therefore I am currently looking at the Sparmax GP850 with large plastic cup.
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  15. LarryG

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    Being left handed means the side-mounted cup hides the spray nozzle from my line of view. Also everything about this gun is miniature, so I am looking a something larger and with a more resistant trigger spring. An afternoons session involving several colours has not been easy.
  16. Ian_C

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    Yay, another left hander! One day we're gonna rise up and....I dunno... go down the pub or something when all this microbe stuff is over. You're probably looking for a bigger gun , but some of the Iwata trigger guns have the option to fit cups either right or left side.
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  17. Focalplane

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    I think I understand your problem. I have yet to use my GP50 with a large tank compressor to spray an O Gauge coach or loco. My other need is spraying vintage car panels and interior doors. Clearly these are much larger and need paint containers that are much larger in size. “One size fits all” doesn’t seem to be possible. I just looked at the GP850 and this looks fit for your purpose. Funny that the descriptions talk about tanning spray and make up though!
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  18. LarryG

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    I'll get a gun with the cup on top. It can't come unscrewed and waddle about, or worse....tip the contents on me shoes.
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  19. Gismorail

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    Hi Larry and very Happy New Year to you and your good lady.
    Just been browsing through your excellent bridge works and weigh bridge hut all up to your normal high standard Sir wonderful. :) I have to say that these new laser cut buildings ar of very fine quality I think I will have to investigate these once I start my new 0 gauge project
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  20. LarryG

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    Thanks. And a Happy New Year to you and yours Martin.
    "Starting a new O gauge project" is my favourite sound. :) Any idea which area you will be modelling and railway company? Like me, you are probably keeping yourself occupied with other things until the end of March. 'Lock-down' is nothing new to those of us who do it every year in winter!