Trade Dapol Class 122 (& 121?), DMUs in 7mm!

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Dan Randall, 25 March 2018.

  1. isleofthanet

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    Plus on the 121 it has aluminium window frames whereas on the 122 the glass is held in with a rubber strip which also grips the edge of the bodyside frame. I helped replace these on 55000 on the SDR some years ago and it wasnt easy!
  2. 43179

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    A little more than that - 122s have shell vents , 121s have ridged dome vents. 122s dont have the little grab handles between and under the windscreens . 121s have a long handrail either side of the guards doors whereas 122s (for some reason) have a long upper handrail and short lower one , on each side of the guards doors. On the subject of the guards doors - the 121s have a cut out in the bodywork below the guards door but the 122s dont , cos the door opens the other way round (I think?) theres some slight differences between the exhaust runs below the solebar too - but that's only important to real saddos like me! :) I'll be getting a pair of Reggie Rail ones - the only issue I can see with the the sample models so far is the roof vents look a little undernourished

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    You've all (except Isle of Thanet:oops:) left out the biggest difference for anyone actually making a model rather than just splashing the cash, which is all the external window framing on the Class 121.

    Quite amusing that the Heljan page on their 121 model is headed up by a lovely clear picture of the South Devon Railway's class 122:confused:

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    a bit like Bachmann/Sang Cheng putting 'Class 122' on their 121 boxes - what chance do we stand of any supplier getting the model right, when there are such errors on the packaging and advertising material?


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    One of these (don't ask me whether it was 121 or 122) worked the High Wycombe to Bourne End route in the '60s, often with a DTS which was parked at the end of the bay platform when not in use.
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    In one respect it's a strange choice for a RTR DMU with it's very limited area of operation. Aaah - I forgot its BGW :rolleyes:.

    I would thought a Met Cam class 101 would have been better choice at it would appeal to modellers of all regions (except Southern).
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    Given that many 7mm modellers are short on space for a layout (I certainly am!), I think a single car unit is a great choice (and I'm pretty sure I've never seen a Met Cam single car unit). Of course, for those with more space at their disposal (and assuming Dapol produce one), a driving trailer would be a very nice addition too, not to mention the odd van or two tacked on the back. :thumbs: Having already produced these units in both 2mm & 4mm scale, the research has already been done, so they'd be a bit daft not to bang one out in 7mm really. (I'll bet Simon is getting a little concerned too, as there's nothing to stop them doing it in 1/32" scale either...:)):))).

    Let us also consider they rubbed shoulders with steam locos and carried several different liveries in their lifetime, so will appeal to many people, regardless of their modelling period. This should ensure buoyant sales for Dapol, which in turn, could lead to other DMUs (Class 123 Inter-City unit anyone?), locos, or rolling stock being developed. The 4mm boys have been extremely spoilt with quality rtr stuff in recent years, so maybe it's time for 7mm to follow suit?

    Lionheart and Minerva have done a lot for 7mm scale in recent years with their rtr prairie and pannier tanks and the Dapol DMU will be the ideal companion for those modelling the transition era of BR. I've only just recovered from Lionheart's exciting news that they plan to make rtr Mk1s, so Dapol's DMU plans have made me very happy indeed. :)



    p.s. What does "BGW :rolleyes:" mean?
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    "BGW"... Just guessing here, but probably " *expletive of choice beginning with B* Great Western"... :rolleyes: :D

    Just a guess. ;)

    I too think it's a great move by Dapol. It's a model I didn't realise I wanted I mean needed until I saw it... :oops: :)
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  9. Dan Randall

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    Got my pre-order in with Tower Models yesterday - BR green with small yellow panels, DCC and sound. :thumbs:


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  10. Simon

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    Now there's a thought, but vanishingly unlikely I think. Bachmann gave Gauge One a good try out some years ago and the commercial results were disappointing enough to make it a one off exercise.

    Different subject but I still think the Heljan Hymek is a superb bit of kit and would make an ideal G1 project. I asked them about the possibility some years ago and drew a very negative response. Maybe if a group collected some orders or offered finance they'd think again, an ideal opportunity for the now apparently forward looking G1MRA to do something useful one would have thought.

    But then it's a bit Western orientated as is the subject of this thread, although that didn't stop Triang all those years ago did it?

    Closer to topic it seems to me that single unit trains are always popular with modellers, for example the wonderful Budd RDC and all the models it has inspired. If it weren't for the (in my opinion) truly revolting "liveries" of the last thirty years or so then the Class 153 would make a very appealing project, but then others would disagree with me and actually I'd still like to see one in G1 - Ginsters anyone?

    Back on topic, I think this is a very good choice for Heljan to have made and that they will be rewarded with lots of sales, I must get back to my 1/32 version and cook up some wheels and a drivetrain...

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    Good choice for Dapol too Simon.....;)
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