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  1. lancer1027

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    Hi Ant. Yes that is a good call, hopefully they will;)

  2. Steph Dale

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    Hmm, tricky one that. There aren't many SR tank locos that would have wide enough appeal to be worth producing r-t-r. Logic would dictate a Terrier, but with three (soon to be four) kits ranging from the 'buildable' to 'excellent' and with the San Cheng brass one I can't think it'd be commercially viable. Perhaps it could be an E4 0-6-2t, if only because I can't think of another SR/BR tank loco that ran on all three sections of the Southern...

  3. Phill Dyson

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    I would have thought that an M7 would be quite popular among Southern fans ?

    Phill :)
  4. Willy

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    The details of the type/class of locomotive due for release has now been removed from Tower's website as, according to the G O Guild forum, they had apparently jumped the gun!

  5. ant31117

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    Or an R1?

    The first model railway locos I owned were a Hornby M7 and a Wrenn R1 - I still have them :)

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    Don't know if I've made a boob with copyright, but this is from the 0gauge forum posted by Mike Bellamy today.
    "DapolDave" has commented about this on RMweb

    and later he says[/size=2]

    As well as the wagons and locos mentioned above, the Tower site is also listing working signals. Interesting times ahead.
  7. Neil

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    Southern tank?

    I'd have thought the Beattie well tank to have a bit of a head start over other contenders, must have all the info they'd need, undeniably cute and appropriate for four eras, pre-group, big four, British Railways & preservation/contemporary.
  8. Steph Dale

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    I must admit I did wonder about the well tank, or even LSWR 02. But the former, although pretty, is very restricted geographically and the latter just has too many variants if they were to do done to suit anybody.

    The R1 wouldn't be great choice either as they were Eastern section only, I think (I'd need to check). A 'P' is a thought as they even ended up working from Brighton in the forties and fifties.

    I've just had a thought it might be an E1; widespread and long lasting, but surely just far too boring?

    In truth I don't think I can make a convincing case for a Southern tank loco (other than a Terrier) as they tended to be pre-grouping designs and restricted in their travels. So whatever they produce will be a surprise for me and once I know what it is I'll make a decision about whether I'll buy one.

  9. 28ten

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    Well if he is basing his production on RMWeb wishlisting then may the good lord have mercy on him.

    As a general note maybe we should stick to the here and now of confirmed and/or released models rather than being dragged into the sea of froth and wishlists.:)
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    look on the bright side Steph - it will be one of those wonderful Maunsell 'Z' class 0-8-0t - they did get everywhere:thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:


  11. rosspeacock

    rosspeacock Modelling on a £1200 table.

    Think the 22 would be the best choice to start with, I'd definately have one;)