Prototype Early LNWR Coke Wagon Drawing

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    A number of these were in an article in the LNWR Society Journal a few years ago. For anyone who models in 7mm, there are models available from Parliamentary Trains.
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    The original publication was Railway Machinery by D.K.Clark, who had been Wagon Superintendent for the Southern Division of the LNWR. It was published in two large volumes: one text and the other plates. For many years they were poo poo'd as fantasy, but in the last couple of decades they have been re-appraised and considered highly authentic. Three or four model manufacturers seem to have discovered them in recent years, but in 7mm the Parliamentary Trains kits are excellent.

    P.S. Hi Tim - good to see you here!

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    Scanned by the Google Books project and available as a free download, lots of interesting early stuff. The first volume isn't just text, it contains lots of drawings of components, from locomotive parts to trackwork. There's a list of drawings at the front.
    Volume 1.
    Railway Machinery
    Volume 2.
    Railway Machinery
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    Thanks GrahamMc. I havn't seen one for many years and when prices reached several hundred pounds thirty years ago I decided I would never have a set. I guess free scans like this will have devalued the originals - just as well I didn't buy one then!

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    Following on from the comments about the Parliamentary Trains kits for mid Victorian rolling stock, here is a photo of my build of two of the Henson cattle wagons. They are lovely kits to build, and fish glue is the recommended adhesive!

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    The drawings on ebay are a bit expensive. I've just paid £21 for an early drawing from the NRM which includes a postal tube and I thought that reasonable.

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    They are very nice