East Lynn And Nunstanton: Retiring, If Not Shy

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  1. If you haven't managed to see East Lynn and Nunstanton over the past 15+ years, then you need to get your skates on as Trevor Nunn is withdrawing from the exhibition circuit this year.

    Only 3 1 shows remains to be attended:

    York - Easter weekend, 7-9 April

    Trainwest (Melksham) - the following weekend (14-15 April)

    Spalding - November 10-11

    After this, it is intended for the layout to become permanently housed in a layout room, so that Trevor can play with it whenever he wants.

    Apart from being a great advert for S scale, these layouts demonstrate an increasingly rare strand in the hobby: a layout built largely from scratch - even where cast parts are present, Trevor has frequently been involved in creating the masters!
  2. ScottW

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    Sad news indeed especially as I've never managed to see either of them, fortunately I did get the chance to see Wicken many years ago. Over the years Trevor's work has been inspirational to me so it's a shame I may never get to see East Lynn and Nunstanton.:'(


  3. eastsidepilot

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    Finally got to see it at the BRM show last week-end:thumbs: having seen it come to life over the years in MRJ it was good to see it in the flesh.

    ATB, Col.
  4. Old Buffer

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    I am looking forward to having a good look at this at Spalding if I get the time between duties, at least I'll get in for nowt.
  5. ScottW

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    For those, like me, who have not had the chance to see East Lynn & Nunstanton here is a short clip to show what we are missing:

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  6. phileakins

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    Just back from Melksham.

    As intended, I met the the owner and operating crew of East Lynn and got the most brilliant welcome! Not only that - I got to play ... :)

    Just to prove it:
    East Lynne and Me.jpg

    Here's me between Maurice Hopper and John Holden. The picture was taken by a long suffering passenger waiting for me to tear myself away and drive him home, I could have well stayed all day. Maurice kept me on the straight and narrow, although he does seem to be wondering what I'm trying to do next.

    What a layout, and it runs like a dream - I'm in love. :rolleyes: I think the decision to attempt something is 'S' has been made.

    Many thanks everyone for making me feel so at home.

  7. JimG

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    I'm glad you had a successful day. I had hoped to get over to Melksham today, but I had forgotten about a previous commitment, so I had to miss out on the opportunity. Did you get to play with the chain shunting on the quay? :)

  8. phileakins

    phileakins Western Thunderer

    Hi Jim

    The chain shunt I saw (not did) was some stock from the yard into the siding in front of the 'warehouse' with the loco on the (diverging) branch line. Impressive and imaginative at the same time, although I thought I detected a touch of anxiety as the chain neared the fence post!

    Sorry to have missed you.

  9. Of of the problems related to mass being reduced by the inverse-cube root of 64, I am afraid: on the prototype they would have either used a horse for the manouevre, or simply slipped the chain off and let the wagon roll, with the shunter running alongise to apply the wagon brake at the right time - quite a skilled job.

    A friend's father was a shunter out of Colchester, and did this in the early/mid 60s. Loco power was a Brush type 2!

    Glad you enjoyed yourself.
  10. JimG

    JimG Western Thunderer


    Trevor started doing a crane shunting operation on his previous layout - Wicken - and if I remember correctly (Simon D might confirm) there was a tree or telegraph pole close to the action that was showing pretty realistic signs of abrasion.:) But it is a simple operation which can be completely engrossing and only requires a facing siding and a length of chain.

  11. Jordan

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    I first saw chain/cable shunting done on John Allison's 7mm Selbury Works Sidings layout circa 1981.... anyone else saw or remember that one? It was in RM at the time too, and in the "Small O Scale Layouts Vol 1" book available as pdf file from the G.O.G. website.
  12. Yep. It was a tree - very sturdy, and if you were a bit too quick on the controller, the trunk would act as a capstan and reverse the wagon's direction.

    Trevor did this in 82, but had been pondering it for some time. He didn't take the Modeller, and as far as I know wasn't aware of any other layouts doing this.

    There were times when more people watching the chain shunt than anything else on the layout. Although there was once someone in the audience taking down the wagon numbers and the movements they made.
  13. Just a reminder that this weekend is the final public appearance...
  14. Buckjumper

    Buckjumper Flying Squad

    Unfortunately I'll not be there. It's been a pleasure and honour to have been an occasional operator over the last six or seven years.
  15. Adieu 'East Lynn', you were truly inspirational. And thank you Trevor, you rekindled the flame. Thanks to you and friends, S scale has a refreshing future!
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  16. phileakins

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    Are you sure he wasn't a number taker from the Clearing House hoping to start a demuage claim ....?

    I regard my (very) few minutes operating the layout as a treasured time. I hope Trevor has fun with it in it's new home.

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  17. dltaylor

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    A fond farewell to one of the finest layouts on the exhibition circuit. I saw East Lynn many times, but never the Nunstanton section.
    Was a great fan of Wicken as well, and spent a most enjoyable time operating it at a show many years ago. Can't remember where it was though!
    All the best, Dave.T