HELJAN Speaker connection plug

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  1. TheSnapper

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    I have recently bought several of these tiny leads for speaker connection:

    Heljan Speaker Connection Plug (Fits CN6 Socket)

    They may be of interest for sound installations to the Heljan Railbus & other units with similar boards.
    Avoids some awkward soldering!. For example, see halfway down the page here:

    The Snapper's DCC Workshop - Heljan 37/4

    Usual disclaimer - I have no connection with Roads& Rails except as a satisfied customer.


  2. simond

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    There are bulk packs of these and their mating connectors on the usual online marketplace at advantageous prices, useful for all sorts of modelling tasks

    I believe they are JST connector clones.

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  3. TheSnapper

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    Hi Simon

    Do you have a link?

    I could not find any as small as these are.

  4. michl080

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    Look for "Micro-JST 1.25 2pin". You can find them at ibiy and omozin. I have bought a set of 20 pairs and use them for all electrical connections within a loco that need to be separated.

  5. simond

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  6. TheSnapper

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    Simon, Michael

    Thanks for the info!