4mm Llanfair Rd

Discussion in 'WR Action' started by LarryG, 4 April 2021.

  1. simond

    simond Western Thunderer

    Despite my inertia, I did spend some time motorcycle-fettling, and the weather got better, and the recalcitrant bike started to behave properly. A worthwhile step.

    None of which is relevant to Larry’s layout, the development of which I am very much enjoying.

    one of these days, the weather will be so hideous that I’ll start modelling again….
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  2. Pencarrow

    Pencarrow Western Thunderer

    Have you seen the forecast for Saturday Simon? I expect you back modelling first thing and your layout to be completed by sundown. :p
  3. simond

    simond Western Thunderer

    Yes…. The fun starts here around 11. Just watching the forecast. “Particularly unpleasant in the south and south east…”

    I suspect the crane might finally get assembled…
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  4. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    My own 'bag' used to be a half-cab bus, the engine purring beside me and the gearbox singing a merry tune ~ preferably an AEC Regent. The prewar Daimler COG5 is chockful of childhood nostalgia for me, but I never felt comfortable with pre-selector gear change. Sadly I'm too old to drive PSV's now but my trusty Kuga makes driving interesting.
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  5. Focalplane

    Focalplane Western Thunderer

    It seems we may all be modelling this weekend! Weather alerts all across France.

    Larry, really enjoying your blow by blow account of track laying and ballasting. A proper basis for a promising layout. Every bit tells a story.

    My own modelling has been held up by internet issues but there will now be time to press on with the revised track laying at Moor Street which will greatly improve future operations. For my ballast I am thinking of taking all the old ballast rescued from lifting the area around the old turntable and grinding it up in the food processor, grass, weeds and all. I have no idea what it will look like but given the cost of it, it is hard to just throw away. Probably its best use will be for the out of the way corners of the station and yard.

    The photo of the Ivatt mogul at Corwen is very much in keeping with my memories of Oswestry, except, of course, the condition of the loco! One of the class, an ex 89A loco p, is now at Strathspey, just about as far away as it could be from the Llanfair area!
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  6. Focalplane

    Focalplane Western Thunderer

    Just read your “Preselecta” comments. I now have direct comparisons between the two 1930s options, the Riley crash box and the Armstrong Whitworth preselacta variant of Wilson’s surprisingly elegant invention. The crash gearbox easily lives up to its name when the double declutch fails to mesh the gears, but there is little power loss once engaged. The Preselecta box, on the other hand, whines a lot but this whining seems to use up some of the power that the 1087cc engine puts out. Hills can be a struggle but changing down is easier.
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  7. Phil O

    Phil O Western Thunderer

    Hi Larry,

    Here's a rough sketch.

    Point control.png
  8. simond

    simond Western Thunderer

    Option 2 recommended!
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  9. Andy P

    Andy P Western Thunderer

    Really enjoying this relaxed, informative and well executed project Larry, please keep this one going, it looks a winner, and a pity I'm no longer in Swad, or I could have popped up to view it whilst at Bala on Holiday, but sadly that will no longer happen now.
    Keep well and stay safe.
  10. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    I agree there is a lot of slip in the fluid flywheel/pre-selector set up (just as there is with automatics). The whinnying of the gearbox & flywheel as it idles in-gear is music to my ears.

    Anyway, thanks for the kind words. Andy P too. Thanks for the sketch Phil. Food for thought.
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  11. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    A rather crude artists impression of what i will be aiming for with side and end loading facilities...
    WEB Tracklay 16C.jpg
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  12. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    The layout was given much thought before going further. Moving the crossover was foolish, so it was put back at the end of the sidings 'fan'...

    WEB Tracklay 17A.jpg

    Llanfair Road was not short of sidings so one was removed and a chunk of baseboard removed....
    WEB Tracklay 17B.jpg

    WEB Tracklay 17C.jpg
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  13. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    With under-baseboard wiring in mind, I keep vacuuming the shed floor! But with Welsh Weather in reservoir-filling mode, I ain't stepping' out today!
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  14. paulc

    paulc Western Thunderer

    Is the shed anchored down well Larry ? I would hate to see Llanfair Road float away .
    Cheers Paul
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  15. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    I was in and out of the shed all morning before I noticed the roof capping felt had blown completely off. It was only when I was up there this afternoon that passing neighbours said "Oh I meant to tell you about that"!

    No electric wiring today, but I did manage to considerably shorten the headshunt and fit buffer stops, which again made the layout look more compact...
    WEB Tracklay 17A.jpg

    Also, the water tank was moved away from the crossover points...
    WEB Tracklay 17B.jpg
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  16. Focalplane

    Focalplane Western Thunderer

    An interesting comment, Larry, “making the layout look more compact”! Most of us have the opposite need, particularly in 7mm.

    It’s certainly true that buffer stops start to make a layout “real”.

    Sorry to learn of the rain and wind damage to the roof. It’s one area I don’t like thinking about too much having been up and down ladders earlier in the year. I am definitely getting past ladder work!
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  17. borgrail

    borgrail Active Member

    It's nearly always worse near the coast, Pretty rough here too though, but then it's not that far away, the worst I had to deal with was rearranging some garden furniture and the barbeque cover.
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  18. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    Just finished re-felting the roof, sealing joints and washing down. I had three ladders on the job in case I lost a pair. Warm today as well so the felt shaped easily. Looking like Harold-the-Tramp at the mo, unshaven and flippin' hungry. :)

    EDIT 13.40hrs. It's pouring down now to test my workmanship haha..
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  19. Andy P

    Andy P Western Thunderer

    It never rains, but it pours in Wales Larry, well that's my experience of Wales anyway, BUT nowhere better when the Sun Shines, apart from Devon, obviously. haha.

    Keep the faith and enjoy.
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  20. Allen M

    Allen M Western Thunderer

    I was told as a child the WALES stands for Wet And Lousy Every Summer.

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