Midland in Bristol

Discussion in 'Entries' started by Tricky, 13 September 2017.

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    Hi all, new to this forum but thought I'd post a few pics of my entry. It's based around the Docks in Bristol c1907 where the Midland had a few goods depots. Couldn't think of a place-name name so have decided to keep it as Midland in Bristol. Kind of does what it says on he tin I suppose. Pic below of the track plan, board is built and I'm in the process of mocking up buildings to get proportions right. More pics to follow...

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  2. jonte

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    Welcome, Tricky.

    Plenty to look at; should make for interesting operation too.

    Good luck!

  3. Tricky

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    Thanks jonte. Been quite busy today, finished the baseboard, made the backscene and painted white for now. Mock-ups of the main structures under way. Of concern is the middle section which looks too bare and plus I need to devise a clever way of hiding the baseboard edge! Not quite happy with it all yet but that's all part of the process...!

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  4. Alan

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    Are you still building the layout, if so any chance of an update and some photos?
  5. Ian Smith

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    I believe he is, although more seems to be documented in another place - Midland in Bristol - 7mm+ modelling
  6. Alan

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    Thanks Ian.
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    Hello all again. It seems that there are more and more familiar faces/names appearing on here... it may be that the upgrade hasn’t proved very popular...
    However, here we are. As an update from me, you will probably be aware that I have been shortlisted to exhibit (pinches myself again) and the final showdown is fast approaching! Just the small matter of motive power to finish off. I think some paint might still be wet when I rock up! Look forward to putting some faces to names so do pop over and make yourself known.
  9. Tricky

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    I can't remember if I mentioned this before but Midland in Bristol is FOR SALE. I am open to (serious) offers and if you would like to make an offer or discuss in more detail then please don't hesitate to PM me or contact me through my website. It is, of course available to view at Railex on 25th/26th of this month (eek!) where it is a finalist in the MRJ Cameo Competition and again at Uckfield on 19th/20th October. Ideally I would look to strike a deal before Uckfield where the layout could be collected immediately after the show. If you can't make either show then it is also available to view at my home in Tunbridge Wells.

    Power to the locomotive is by radio control and an on-board battery but the layout can be wired for two-rail DC 'one engine in steam' if required. The loco and rolling stock aren't included in the sale, but the support structure and traverser are included.

    Many thanks!
  10. NHY 581

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    Morning Richard.

    That's a bit of a surprise but what's next then?

  11. Tricky

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    Morning Rob,
    Just getting a bit of space back would be nice! I really want to finish off Monk's Gate, or - dare I say - have a bit of a re-think about it. There are certain elements of it that aren't quite right and the backscene is way too low. Plus I want to be able to devote more time to Monk's Gate Models.
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