Modern Image O Gauge Show 2024 Crewe Heritage Centre 23rd & 24th March.

Al Tait

Western Thunderer
Since this years show work has been slowly going on in the background in preparation for MIOG2024 at Crewe Heritage Centre. The following is still subject to change but is what we have confirmed so far. I will post any further updates as we have them. Its really shaping up to be a fantastic show again with a couple of new layouts again. Its certainly an exciting time for post 1968 modelling.

All 7mm and all post 1968 Modern Image layouts and Traders. Please see full information HERE.

Opening Times
Saturday 25th March 2023 10:00 until 16:30
Sunday 26th March 2023 10:00 until 15:£0

Admission Prices
Adults - £10
Children 0-15 - Free with accompanying adult (£5 if unaccompanied)
The Heritage Centre will be available to explore as last year and our friends at LSL will be bringing something 12":1' scale to inspect!

- Buzz Models
- Coastal DCC
- Connoisseur Models
- Ellis Clark Trains
- Footplate/Flangeway
- Greenwood Model Railway Supplies
- GM Transport Books
- Heljan
- Intentio
- Made in Manchester
- Northumbrian Painting Services
- Peco
- Peter Clark Models
- Primo Trees
- PRMRP + Dave Lowery Demonstrating
- Realism Redefined *New trader for 2024*
- SBT Developments
- Skytrex
- Squires *New trader for 2024*
- TTC Diecast
- Trainsporters *New trader for 2024*

- Peco
- Heljan

- Telford Steam Railway
- Avocet Travel
- Locomotive Services Limited


Netherwood Sidings

This layout represents the Woodhead line in its final years. The layout is based on a set of exchange sidings near Sheffield. The track plan is freelance but based on features taken from Rotherwood and Wath. The bridges, in particular, are based on the real ones in the Rotherwood-Orgreaves area. The layout has taken around ten years to build.




Norman Colliery
The premise is that the colliery is at the end of its life, in the 1970s/1980s, with the lower screens closed down and only the top screens in use. The only problem is that the feeder road to the upper screens has been closed by subsidence, so a link line has had to be made to the lower line. The engines are all kit-built, from various manufacturers, except one 03 from Brassworks. The wagons are all kits, mainly Parkside Dundas with a couple of Slaters and Piercy.




Hillport Goods
The layout is set in North Staffordshire in the period of the late 70s and represents a small urban yard of the type that was soon to disappear. The yard handles mainly commodities and sundries traffic in vans and open wagons which are bought in on trip workings.
Also to be seen is domestic coal traffic along with tanks of heating oil to the Knype fuels siding. Traffic to Midland steel and Albion cement terminal also come into the yard to run round or drop wagons off to be shunted out.




Glasshouse Loan
Glasshouse Loan depicts a simple setting with two sidings and a run round loop which serve the adjacent brewery and bonded warehouse as well as handling some military trip traffic from Bandeath on its way to Alloa yard. Set during the early to Mid 80's




Love Lane
Love Lane Stabling Point based in the Western Region, home to a variety of traction showing the everchanging scene of the western region during the 70's/80's




Ballan Road
Ballan Road is set in a fictitious village on the Cumbrian coast line during the late 1950s. The nearby station has remained open to allow workers to reach the local chemical works, which also provides some freight traffic. The engine shed is still operational to provide shunters for the works. Some modernisation has appeared in the form of diesel traction but, otherwise, it is a scene unchanged in many years.
It’s the sort of place that would disappear within a few years as traffic dwindled and the ‘Beeching axe’ took effect.

Lowery Lane WRD
A brand new layout that is being built purposely for our MIOG show, set in the current day, this layout shows what can be done with O Gauge to model the current Rail scene. Why not pop along to our show and see what the finished product looks like?
New Croft
Set in the transition years of the mid 1990s, Newcroft is a large town in the heart of North West England. Whilst second generation DMUs are starting to dominate the scene, a variety of classic traction can be seen on both local passenger and freight duties. All models are sound fitted and customised to their mid 1990s guises.
Wheal Demelza
Cornish China Clay operations in the 1980's.

For more details please see our website: exhibition
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