New 4mm kits

Marc Dobson

Western Thunderer
I have been busy over the last few weeks working on some new 4mm kits for some coaches and wagons. They will also be available in HO and S as bodies.
1) LSWR 28ft all 1st
2) LSWR 28ft all 3rd
3) LSWR 28ft Brake 3rd (2 compartment)
4) LSWR 28ft brake 3rd (3 compartment)
5) Metropolitan carriage and wagon all 3rd ( bought by Furness, Cambrian, NBR, LSWR, LNWR, and others)
6) Metropolitan carriage and wagon lug 3rd (bought by Furness, Cambrian, NBR, LNWR and others)
7) Metropolitan carriage and wagon Brake 3rd (bought by Furness, Cambrian, NBR and others.
8) Highland, Caledonian and north Sunderland 1st/2nd composite
9) Highland, Caledonian and north Sunderland 2nd/3rd composite
10 Highland, Caledonian and north Sunderland all 3rd

1) NER/LNER/BR 8ton van
2) S&DJR/MR/LSWR/LMS/SR/BR large cattle van
3) MR/LMS/BR large cattle van
4) LBSCR/SR/BR 5 plank with raised ends
5) LBSCR/SR/BR 6 plank
6) S&DJR/MR/LSWR/LMS/SR/BR 2 plank (fixed side)
7) S&DJR/MR/LSWR/LMS/SR/BR 2 plank (Centre door)

Will have everything ready for EMGS Summer show at the end of August. If things are read before this date they will appear on the website.

Photos to follow


Marc Dobson

Western Thunderer
Just finished redesigning the Midland Small Gunpowder Van. For those who don't like the prospect of punching out 1000+ rivets on the original it is now 3d printers so they are a thing of the past.
The SDJR 10t GBV is getting the same treatment and should be ready for Scalefourum.
All 3D printed kits are available in HO, 4mm, S(1:64), 7mm and G1(1:32)