Old Parrock

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  1. Richard H

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    Paul - this is lovely! I really like the way the land to the right of the mill implies the beginning of a sort of heathland, and the way it blends into the backscene. The way the mill is now settled (nestled?) into the hollow is very effective, as is the way the ground cover accentuates the variety of ground levels and defines the entrance to the yard. The vista showing open country that you've created in a board about 4ft long is seriously effective and comes across beautifully in your panoramic photo. As I said, lovely!
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  2. PaulR

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    "Sometimes I stands and thinks... and sometimes I just stands."

    01-02-20 - 2.jpg

    "I'll be 'anged if 'e don't regard them sheep more than 'e regards me!"

    01-02-20 - 1.jpg

    The mill scene is nearly completed now. I just want to add some nettles here and there, and some more flora on the railway bank.

    01-02-20 - 4.jpg
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  3. Richard H

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    ... it just gets better and better!
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  4. Simpas

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    Just doing a bit of catch up here...... beautifully executed..! I will look out for this at both exhibitions cited earlier.

    Mick S.
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  5. NHY 581

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    This is all very nice indeed.

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  6. PaulR

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    Thanks for the kind comments. I'm always encouraged by this friendly place.
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  7. AJC

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    Good! It's a superb little model and the comments while kind, are more than that: they're well deserved.

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  8. Yorkshire Dave

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    All superbly executed as the earlier comments testify and it's the small unobserved everyday details we take for granted which bring it to life - sign posts, stiles, mileposts etc.

    With a small layout like this you can go on adding detail forever - taller grasses around fence posts, the odd broken fence rail, a replaced fence rail, etc, etc. The list goes on.
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  9. PaulR

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    The platform is inspired by those at the K&ESR. I'm not going to fix it down until the building is complete and all the dressings are added.

    23-02-20 1.jpg

    It does look a bit raw at the moment.

    23-02-20 3.jpg
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  10. PaulR

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    In the Middleton Press book about the Kent and East Sussex Railway, 'Branch Line to Tenterden', it states with reference to the gents toilet that, 'In times of drought, the smell was too much even for the flies.' The urinal will be fed by water from the gutter, and of course it never rained in our nostalgic memory so...

    ...let's just say that Old Parrock halt might have been a little pungent.

    08-03-20 3.jpg

    The little station hut is based on a typical K&ESR example, but much reduced in size. The three sections are not joined yet and there's plenty to do, but progress is being made.

    08-03-20 2.jpg

    The little train has been beautifully weathered by Mick Bonwick. In future times I will do this myself but I chickened out of applying my rookie skills to this one.

    08-03-20 1.jpg
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  11. Allen M

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    Hi Paul
    The gents at Mitton Mill has the same problem.
    27 Painting the loo.JPG

    The painter has scarpered, we think in the shed drinking tea. On small improvement is the bit of roof over the "thunder box" which stops the paper getting so wet.
    There is something fascinating about light railway that is not found on the big ones.

    Allen m
  12. PaulR

    PaulR Western Thunderer

    Ha ha! I like that scenario. Perhaps we should start a thread entitled, 'At Your Convenience'.
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  13. Richard H

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    I really like the way the building and retaining walls cascade down from the platform level, and the way the shed acts as a view-blocker, actually making a short train seem longer - very clever! As I look across the strong foreground, the landscape behind now seems further away - the building enhances the perspective. Lovely brickwork!
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  14. PaulR

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    One of the problems with making a cameo layout is that you can only keep photographing the same little scene. Well, here it is again, albeit with the station hut much closer to being finished. It needs setting into the landscape, weathering and dressing with general paraphernalia, and I haven't painted the running-in board yet. It's a shame that the name won't be visible from the front because I put quite a lot of effort into getting it right on Photoshop.

    I'm really looking forward to laying the grass and fencing at the front, but I have a covered lever frame to make first.

    23-03-20 1.jpg

    23-03-20 3.jpg

    All this talk of the evils of hoarding has rather pricked my conscience. Milk, loo rolls, not guilty. Model railway kits - oh dear! The truth is that I could probably keep myself busy for a couple of years at least with the stuff that I've collected in my shed.

    My biggest weakness is coach kits. With an etched loco kit or a RTR alternative, the cost is enough to make you question whether you really need it. Coach kits, however, fall into a category where you can almost lose the cost in the housekeeping. Perhaps I ought to keep quiet about that...
  15. Brian T

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    Well,we could take your word on that...or you could perhaps take a picture of the front..! :thumbs: ;)

    I think were all guilty of hoarding to one degree or another,with me it`s O gauge both in US and UK.
    I think secret is to keep it all in seperate places around the home then that way you won`t scare yourself if you see it all in one go....or you could go to 'Hoarders Anonymous'...!!

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  16. PaulR

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    Fair enough - I asked for that! Before I stick it down I'll post a photo of it the other way round.
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  17. Richard H

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    Sympathy! As a fellow sufferer, I feel your guilt! Having made your confession, though, you have gone a long way to expiating your sins with some more super modelling!
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  18. Yorkshire Dave

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    With a smart phone, tablet or small camera you could take photos from within the layout and driver's eye views from the fiddle yard entrances.

    From my own experience photographing a layout from 4mm or 7mm eye level generally reveals areas I have missed when detailing.
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  19. PaulR

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    30-03-20 1.jpg

    What do I imagine of these people waiting for the train? The lady under the canopy is quite fashionable, so I think she's going to change trains at Three Bridges and head up to Knightsbridge on the new electric service for a bit of shopping at Harvey Nichols.

    30-03-20 3.jpg

    The two musicians may also be going to London, but I think not. Probably they are going to head south to the Regent Dance Hall in Brighton where they will be booked as part of the band for an evening dance.

    30-03-20 7.jpg

    Journeys from Old Parrock always have a leisurely start!

    The yellow looks a bit heavy in these photos. It's actually closer to cream. I'm afraid photography isn't one of my strong points.
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  20. Richard H

    Richard H Western Thunderer

    Rush hour at Old Parrock! Your passengers various destinations remind me that Old Parrock was actually a gateway to Anywhere. Very evocative.
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