RMWEB Specific Scales

Ian G

Western Thunderer
Hi Ian,

I've just spotted your post from a couple of months ago. As one of the Scalefour Society Forum admins, I haven't seen anything reported by members over there.

Can you give any specific examples, rather than having to plough through each and every of the specific links? I know that Tim Horn Baseboards resolves to holding page, as I was looking recently but as Tim was overwhelmed with orders anyway I expect a website is not top of his priorities.

The Scalefour Society does provide this page as a resource for modellers in general, so we would like to ensure that it is always up to date.

Paul Willis

Many have stopped trading as reported through the press, others have changed hands.

Ian G


Western Thunderer
It is a very long list on the Scalefour website. After the turmoil of the past few years, I am not surprised several links no longer work.

All the hosted traders work although I am told (by my computer) that the one for Great Central Models 'is not private' so I would not go there. Why this is so is beyond my understanding.

Of the publishers, Ian Allen no longer appears to exist and for Noodle Books, Safari can't find the server.
Computer Software - all three work.
Custom Builders - I can't get Marc Models (which I know went a few years ago), Wealistic Models or Wesson
Detailing - Colin Craig and Hurst Models are not there after which I gave up.

I am in a position to say the Scalefour Website is being redesigned and the list of traders will be reviewed anyway. The end result (the website) is not likely to be on-line for some time. As I am sure you can imagine, it is quite a complex website to put together.